Sample packs for Rample

I thought it might be handy to have a topic for listing Sample Packs produced for Rample - in case your looking for more food for your Rample :slight_smile:

Do you have any sample packs that you’d like to share?
or know of packs that have been produced for the Rample?

ONLY share samples you have the right to distribute!!

I’ll kick off…

BoBeats Crunchy Drums:

free/pay what you want
I converted these to Rample format, and re-organised, and then gave them back to Bo, so that he could include them in his download - link in video description.


Just go my Rample today and found this dusty old thread. Thanks for your work @thetechnobear
Atm I have no time to create any packs but I wanted to express my gratitude and dig this back up for any other hard-working sample pack creators :relaxed: