Sample List for Rample

Is there a list from Squarp about all the different samples and their categories or names on the rample?
I.e; i looked for a multilayer piano on it and had to scroll trough all banks…
As i found out so far there is no order by the type of the sample (pads, drums, words, synths), right?
As not every sample seems to be multilayered, this would be a nice thing to know as well.

So, is there an overview from squarp somewhere already?
Really like the sample pack on the rample so far! Nice module :slight_smile:

Hey @konrad,

Glad you like our selection!

Factory kits are ordered per bank by the artist we commissioned (“D” is Richard Devine, “F” is the Flashbulb, “B” is Bogdan Raczynski, etc.), but per bank, there is no order.

For a list, you’ll just have to pop the sd card in a computer, I guess.

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