File list of Samples for Rample

I wanted to reply to the thread Sample List for Rample, but it has been locked.

I wanted a faster way to locate potentially useful samples than trying to go through each sample pack and listen, and I listed the files in the default sample pack.

It’s a rather long list, and it’s available here. I hope I don’t break any rules by posting a link to Github here - I don’t have anything to sell you, I just thought others might be interested in having the list in a single text file to search.

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Thats cool, thanks for sharing!
Indeed a long list to go through, but worth to have it available somewhere :slight_smile:
I still tend to browse through the kits to find fitting sounds, while having the “layers” display mode active. This way its at least more obvious when you loaded a multilayer kit.

Meanwhile, there should also be a shortcut to let rample output the samples name on the display, but i always forget the button combo :see_no_evil:

True, it’s quite long. I mostly use it when trying to locate a sample pack with a specific sound, example a clap, or an open hat. Fortunately text search in the browser is still quite fast.

Glad I’m not the only one who painstakingly mapped it out. Yours is much more readable.

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