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I am looking to add an effects processor and sampler or drum synth to my rig. I am currently running the pyramid as the brain to my setup paired with a moog grandmother and microkorg. I need to add some drums but would also like to be able to use the same machine to process effects on the grandmother and microkorg. Im looking at the sp404mk2, the digitakt, the syntakt, and the mpc one. I know the sp is all sample/resample based and gives more audio effects where as syntakt and digi will allow for more automation and also gives me 2 additional lfos to play with. Ideally id like to go with the sp and the syntakt but funds dont allow for both at this time. Also thinking i may be able to achieve a happy medium of both worlds with mpc one. What would be your first choice to bring out the most out of the grandmother and pyramid?

Blackbox 1010

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What advantages would the blackbox give me over the sp?

less filters and FX as i understand it but can do polyphonic multsamples on a per pad basis where 404 is not truly polyphonic (you can get chromatic playback but only by allocating a single note to one pad)

so far, i’m finding Blackbox to be a nice mix of groovebox like sample modes and full multisampled instruments (or drum kits – where each key in a multisample triggers one drum sample, you can control entire sampled kits from a single pad)


+1 on the Blackbox for managing samples, a lot of parameters can be control with LFO or Cc from the Pyramid. There is also a nice granular function and 2 FXs (reverb and delay).

However, it is not great as a FX box, I don’t think you can process external signal with the FX and the quality of the FX is average.

I wrote a comparison of the Blackbox vs Digitakt if you’re interested: What samplers are you using? - #38 by alfiedotwtf

For FX, I use few pedals (Doctor A for Delay and Reverb & Julianna for Chorus/Vibrato) and embedded FXs, but I guess you can look into a Zoia or a Beebo or even the Zoom MS-70CDR


What if i were to go the drum synth route rather than a sampler. Ive heard good things about double drummer, ive also been looking at the syntakt, the mc707, analogue rytm, and the vermona drm1. Any thoughts on these or any other drum synth or groovebox?

I can’t say much about drum synth. The only one I have is a the Sonic Potion LXR and it is a special kind of beast. I wouldn’t recommend it as first drum synth

What FX are you looking for?

I’m all over the Rample, mostly for the amazing MIDI control of the effects. If things like Bitcrush and Freeze are what you’re considering, the Rample is amazing in this regard (can send MIDI to proc one voice, or all, etc).

However, I’m also using a Bitbox micro dedicating 4 Pads to drums, one being a Multisample. The Bitbox allows me to break up the outputs, so one stereo pair is routed through an FX module (FXAid), one stereo pair is kept dry, and those are mixed with the Rample (which I use in mono).

Between those modules, some output modules, and a Nearness mixer, it’s all contained in 4u/44hp lunchbox with enough modulation options and MIDI control to keep me occupied.

It also depends on if you want a parallel sequencer or modules to play sounds/clips/loops controlled by a sequencer

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