rampleOS 1.1 -- new firmware

Hey everyone !

We’re happy to announce rampleOS 1.1 !

This new firmware fixes a lot of bugs, and adds new features.
To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



Thanks for this! Great to make use of all this module is capable of :slight_smile:

Chapeau! nice update!

…aaaand there goes the feature requests:

– Pleease make the layer modes separate for each Track:
The layer modes are very powerfull, but having to apply the same mode to every channel is very limiting.
If you have a bunch of slightly different Kick or snare drums randomly cycling to add a little life, (wich is super fantastic!) but then you also got a bunch of different sampled loops on another channel you’d like to manually control, (for different parts of the song) You don’t want to lose the cycling on the kick drum… Those per channel layer modes should be saved within each kit!

– Performance Idea: Could you give each knob an assignable default function per Kit?
so that you can basically chose a default behaviour for each of the 4 knobs that matches what you need for the 4 samples present on each track. Like filter for sample 1, freeze for sample 2, Layer number for sample slot 3, volume for sample 4.etc. These should be saved per kit too.

I am soo selling my assimil8tor right now: )


Aww, that’s a great compliment right there.

I’ll open a couple of feature request tickets in your name.

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Rample OS 1.1 has been working great!

I’ve found 1 bug, though pretty easy to avoid.

If LAYERS is set to manual, and you manually change layer (Assign, then press sample slot 1,2,3, or 4, change sample layer with main encoder)…If you scroll too far, like slot 14,15,16+ if no samples are in these slots, Rample freezes completely.

I opened a ticket for you. In the future, please address the bug reports directly to us via the contact form, not on the forum. Thank you.

Do i need to format the Sd card before updating?

If you’re experiencing issues, you can contact us directly

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Thanks for fast reply, for an absolute beginner like i am, any manual or tutorials for a better understanding of layers and other functions ?

The manual is available here:

We have plans to release a series of very short video tutorials, but don’t expect those before the end of summer (our in house content-creator is on holidays).

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Nice one! Happy Holidays then:)