RAMPLE! New stuff from Squarp

makes sense, but they are letting the hermod die anyway, as they clearly stated that they are not willing to add any new feature, but just fix the bugs. it´s a survival strategy, they can´t live with just 1 module and 1 sequencer. so in my view it could just be the successor of the hermod but with another name. i´m really curious anyway


fact: last year they had 4 updates, 3 which contained new features (last one in October)
this included adding the midi looper, multi track recording, new transpose options.

… also bug fixes are important, and not to be taken for granted (Ive a few things which have bugs that remained for years!)

anyway… i see no evidence its going to have any sequencing, perhaps some internal sequencing (ala elektron parameters locks?) but even that i think is doubtful.
Im hoping this is Squarp branching out into something completely new :slight_smile:


yes, seriously, here´s the fact directly from squarp admin, which you can read directly in this thread Questions to SQUARP on updates

Hi bitbin,

As said earlier we do not plan to add new features to Hermod. We read with great care all user suggestions. Some of these are relevant but we can’t add new features for now, and probably forever. That been said, we already did and we will continue to fix reported bugs. We are currently working on it in order to release a new Hermod OS version as soon as possible.

So, to summarize :

a) no, only updates for bug fixes and small adjustments.

b) yes, of course.

c) we don’t have a date yet, but it’s our main priority.

Thanks for your understanding,

that’s a post from Aug 2018…
as I pointed out, they have posted various updates that’s included feature updates during 2019.

Squarp used to be active on this (and the previous) forum, and they used to talk about possible enhancements, road maps etc.
but they got ‘burnt’ ,
even though they delivered on lots of new features (and fixes), some were never happy, always asking for more… not respecting that everything has boundaries, and when squarp responded, it was not possible/feasible … people would argue with them, or start saying things like ‘every other sequencer has this’, ‘its not usable without X’

it was endless, and pretty tiresome.

squarp were on a hiding to nothing, so like many developers they :

  • became quiet on the forum
  • made statements about the hermod and pyramid to try to limit users expectations
  • stopped talking about future updates
  • asked for all support/feature requests to be made via the contact form

many understandably, did not not like this change (it’s been discussed to death on this forum)
but in my opinion it was inevitable given the flak they were taking despite actually supporting their products well, and issuing quite a lot of updates.

of course, people can point to company/product X, that ‘does better’ , has more updates, is more responsive, but there are also many companies that do hardly any updates.

so yeah imho… neither Hermod or Pyramid is ‘dead’ as you point out, they are getting updates as needed. these updates will naturally become less frequent and with less new features, as the product are now more mature, so perhaps reaching ‘feature complete’ state.

(Squarp have said Pyramid is ‘complete’ as it is now bound by memory/cpu… but they still managed to squeeze a few things extra out of it :wink: )

anyway proof is in the pudding…
Ive a pyramid and a hermod, and I’ll not hesitate to get a RAMPLE if its interesting… as I know Squarp will do a good job supporting it.


No news for weeks, this teaser is quite annoying.


Thankfully seems most of those people have gone, not surprised and good riddance :slight_smile:

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I think something in the sampling realm with the same sort of powerful view as the Pyramid takes to sequencing could be really interesting. If it’s purely modular I will be much less interested, not a route I want to explore (possibly virtually, Bitwig Grid etc), but desktops with modular connections (recent Behringers for instance) are fine … and my Gotharman LD-3 has lots of CV connections I don’t use.
Rample could have some things in common with LD-3?

The Rample teaser is gone from the website! Spooky!

perhaps getting closer to release?
I’d think its likely they’ll want to release or show it at Superbooth (End April), though they are not currently listed as an exhibitor.

They revealed it on the website. 4 voice eurorack sample player and audio processor


read more link is broken :slight_smile:

looks interesting… odd decision about the midi input, but means more control without lots of cv jacks.
bit disappointed it doesnt have audio input.

perhaps the ‘usp’ will be in the ‘audio effects and editing tools’ - perhaps some funky things like we have with hermod/pyramid? (e.g built in euclid fx)

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looks interesting!
I agree audio input would have been nice.

Lets see if there is a nice & flawless midi implementation towards pyramid and hermod, then i’m in :slight_smile:

The price is nice :+1:

Very super hopeful that it can handle 2x stereo setup with stereo effects and ganged controls. Would be an insta-buy for me.

Only has one mix output, so stereo seems unlikely.

16 bit, 44100hz… Blechhhh

They definitely had my attention with the multisample thing. I immediately started thinking we could finally get a decent quality sampled piano voice in the rack in a reasonable width. But their description ONLY describes it as for drum kits, which has me wondering… Why? Surely they realized the potential that multisampling implies for ROMpler-esque functionality. (I mean seriously, this may sound like heresy, but I’d love a rompler module for layered poly pads, with envelope inputs and maybe a uO_C type of screen.)

But I would reaaallly want something higher quality than 16bit 44100khz. This is 2020 after all. I haven’t listened to a music CD in at least a decade at this point, and anyone who says they can’t hear the difference between 16bit 44100 and 24 bit 96k is… Well… lucky I guess, in an ignorance is bliss kinda way.

I think they are thinking beyond drum kits, as they mention streaming longer audio.

44.1/16 , yeah was a little surprised about that, often on embedded devices this would be to conserve memory - but if streaming not so much a requirement- I’d guess it’s down to limited bandwidth and taking multiple sample layers per 4 track. ?!

I expected to see more details on the layering side as that does appear to be the things that’s most interesting for this ?!

Edit; just noticed the manual is online

The “multi-layers behaviour” isn’t really “layering”, it’s more like “wave sequencing”. Layering options are cycle or random, this refers to the order in which samples will be played.

Yeah, I noticed that when reading the manual too.
However, I suspect it comes from the idea of velocity layers of samples - which given their midi mapping seems to be perhaps the initial idea they had in mind.

so, it’s a modular module.
hope for a standalone/desktop version at some point.