Rample hotter than the sun

Hello. Not sure if anyone can help; I have a Rample which gets so hot when turned on. I have put a blank panel next to it because I’m worried about the heat.

Can anyone confirm if this is normal? And if there are any adverse effects from it.


Does anyone know anything about this? It’s starting to concern me :frowning:

no, Ive never noticed the Rample getting particularly hot…

how long is this? after 5 mins, 10mins - 2 hours?

so it doesn’t sound normal…

is this the only module panel getting warm?
Ive noticed that many racks do not have air vents, and you see alot of people still filling up every slot on them racks, with no consideration of airflow…
whilst racks are far from ‘sealed’, as there are gaps around the rails etc, they can sometimes need some extra space to allow airflow, esp. if you have alot of digital modules (which can use quite a lot of mA and so produce heat. I try now to leave a bit of space at the top and bottom of my case (bottom to pull in cold air, top to push out warm air)

Thanks for the reply. It gets hot pretty fast, like as I turn it on. Originally I didn’t have anything racked next to it (which is why I noticed the heat) and now I have put a 20hp make noise blank panel between it and the next module

I did a small test here… ran it for over an hour - didnt raise the panel temp at all

so I guess its either your module or something to do with your rack/power supply.

What I would do is to try to test it in another rack, or if thats not possible, disconnect everything else in the rack - and see if it does it on its own.
that way you can be a bit more certain if its the module or the rack.

if its the module, then you’ll have to contact squarp via the contact form and see if they can help you.

(if its really hot, Id not risk runnning it… as it could potentially cause damage to either the module or your rack/psu… if the current draw is too high?!)

Damn that’s a real bummer. I had hoped that it was normal. Luckily I do have another rack so I will test it. Thanks for helping

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