Module gets hot

hey ya’ll

i’ve noticed that the Rample gets realy hot on the back (circuitboard) of the module.
and itvstarts in a few minutes, i noticed it later, already plyed with it forv12 hours non stop…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: yup non stop.its a f*cking awesome machine. but is this normal?

just my first babysteps into eurorack so forgive my noobQ.

greets Jeff

Doesnt seem like it is normal.

Hi @Orquesm,
It is normal for the back of the PCB to get hot. We use a voltage-regulation component that does its job by dissipating heat.

We’ve had a couple of concerned clients ask about this (Rample gets really hot…), but it is nothing to be scared of.

For the record, we’re thinking about changing this component in later versions of the circuit, for an equally-performing component, that does not get as hot, to avoid this issue of clients getting concerned.


okay thats good to hear, now lets make some tunes…:grin:, tnxs for the heads up

greets Jeff

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