Rample becomes unresponsive to gates

I’ve already submitted a support ticket about 2 weeks ago regarding this… I just wanted to see if others are experiencing this as well.

I’m triggering the Rample via gates. Every time I turn it on and jam with it for 15-20 minutes or so, it becomes unresponsive to gates, it also becomes unresponsive (no sound) when manually auditioning sounds direct from the front panel. It appears i’m able to scroll through the menu, but yeah no sounds.

The Rample’s screen will also very commonly go all red, probably at some point every time I use it.

Hoping a fix will come soon cause it’s a great little sample player!

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I am glad you have already submitted a ticket for this. Thank you.

I am using MIDI, so i cannot comment on CV issues, but I have noticed several instances of the screen going all red (all LEDs on). I have not been able to replicate this, nor does it stay like this for a period.

Have you any suspicions yet about what actions tend to make the screen go red?

No idea what is causing the red screen issue, seems to be random so far. It doesn’t seem to be happening as commonly as the unit just going unresponsive in general. Has happened 3 times in the last 70 minutes. I will continue to power-cycle the unit when this happens until a fix comes.

I’d use midi but I’m trying to minimize any accumulative latency that will occur on drum sounds. I haven’t actually A/B tested this but over gates I’ve noticed about a max of 5 or 6ms latency.

I hope we can eventually narrow down some of these issues.

Re:latency - i have not noticed any (yet). I am still on the Chapter “Trying to Send So Much MIDI Data to See Where It Barfs”.

Edit to add: i actually have introduced a 3ms latency on my own to facilitate extra MIDI CC control.

I am annoyed i have not been able to crash it yet. That is so uncommon for me. (Uncommon to crashing things - i am often annoyed. LOL)

It has not gone completely unresponsive for me yet, though. I wonder what is different between those that experience this and those of us who do not.

Are they your own samples or the stock ones? And if they are your own, how did you make them and/or convert them (if such is the case) to the proper format?

Samples are stock. I did have to format the card and re-add the stock sample folder due to an issue with kits getting deleted direct from the Rample interface on the previous firmware.

I’m on beta firmware 1_A I think is the version. (This is what shows when going menu > info).

I’ve got jacks plugged into the CV, but not sending any CV currently, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

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iirc i still had the issue with 1.50b1a, but since I’ve had 1b it appears to have been fixed - so, reach out to Squarp.
( and yeah, it was important to reformat the sdcard and replace the samples)

Yes, also reported here:

This combined with the cv/layer selection issue has kept Rample in the box and not in my rack unfortunately. Hoping a thoroughly tested firmware update is posted soon.

Hopefully soon. This thing becomes unresponsive at some point every time I turn it on. Seems to happen at some point when I stop/start my sequencer. When I press start on my cirklon, rample is unresponsive, though not every time of course.

Stupid question, but where are you finding the firmware updates?

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Not sure if Squarp has a page where firmware updates are posted. For me, Squarp support sent me a beta firmware (still issues) in response to my ticket when I had the issue of kits getting deleted from the Rample interface itself somehow. Not sure which version I’m on, the file I was sent was just titled “Rample.bin”

Not sure where @thetechnobear got their firmware update.

Normally if there is an official new version of the OS, it will appear on the menu on the front page of the Squarp site:

Pyramid /manual /pyraOS

Hermod /manual /hermodOS


I don’t think there’s an ‘official’ version yet.

If you report issues via the contact page, then Squarp may reach out to you, to help see if you’d like to test betas that cover your issue.

The beta does seem to have resolved my lock up issues.

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Interesting that I have a similar situation.

I hadn’t really taken a look at it, but noticed something not ‘working as expected’. Then it was. Now it isn’t.

I don’t use CV/Gates, but I use MIDI.
I’d swear the first time I tested this that setting the Sample “Gate High Only” with MIDI didn’t work with the Note Off acting the same as the Gate going low (is that the right term? I don’t CV, as mentioned) as I had expected.

Then a few days later, I tested and it seemd to work as expected, with MIDI Note Off cutting off the sample.

Today it’s back to Note Off working exactly the same as Toggle Loop, and there were some instances of the screen going completely red in there, and also a few unresponsive episodes.


I haven’t really been able to make any connections in the “if I do this, that happens” way.
But I’m going to pay more attention to CV issues since it seems there may be some connection - and that may be helpful. I think. Maybe.


Hi, I have the same problem. already installed the new os from may and still nothing. The first sounds work but then it just shuts down. Any solutions? Best, Veith

Wenn it still didn’t work after erasing the card and reinstalling everything I took out another power sucking module and now it seams to work again.

Similar issues here, a while back channel 3 started to stop working after a certain time. Both midi or via gate. A reboot fixes that, first of all, it shouldn’t happen at all, second - a reboot via the menu is always good to have.

Also ran into this issue, where mostly ch 3 or 4 turns unresponsive after some minutes. Sometimes the issue vanishes by changing the set? For me, this happened alot with Kit M7 & M8.
I now followed the instructions in the Rample FAQ, reformatting the SD Card and reloading the Samplepacks, lets see if this helps.

yes, I wish there was a way to restart Rample without having to shut down your case. I just put Rample back in one of my other cases because I love the sounds but they can’t fix this. It’s time to abandon ship, take a break and let them work more on that OS

Yea, restarting it would be great but mine is always stoping after a few minutes. I just thought I solved it but it’s not the power. I have calculated all the modules and there is plenty of power. I thought it could be a loose sd card issue but its not. Somehow it just stops working. Also firmware update or reformatting the SD didn’t solve the issue.