Pyramid MK3 Pad Markings

Does anyone know why on the MK3, that pads 06 and 14 are marked as opposed to 05 and 13 on the previous models?

I’ve tried to wrap my head around it and I can’t.

Any thoughts?

That’s not at all a first batch cosmetic defect, it’s the Pyramid MK3 collector syncopated edition ! :wink:


I’m not sure how I feel about that :thinking:

sounds like an ultra rare collectible to me… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Strange, it seems to be the cases on this MK3 as well: Why does my Pyramid look different?

Must be a mistake, its normal for drum machines to have 1, 5, 9, 13 marked in some way for setup of regular 4 beat rhythm. My B-stock Pyramid is the same, though the picture on box wrap shows 1,5,9,13 printed in inverse next to each button. Maybe why its B-stock ! Or some sort of Dave Brubeck version.

Mine (which is brand new and ordered directly from Squarp last week) also has the misprint as well as some cosmetic damages from the assembly. I’ve been reassured it will be taken care of though. :+1:

It’s a cock-up then.

@Fotopaul I guess if yours in damaged, that’s certainly a case for an exchange.
I wonder if they could just send me a new top? Not having looked inside one, i’m not sure how easy that would be if the screen is glued on. Everything else should just pop out.

I guess it’s not a massive deal but could affect the resale value if I decided to sell it on.

And i’m not the sort of person who would keep it until one day when its a classic and my special “Pyramid MK3 collector syncopated edition” is worth more.

@Simon i will await Squarps response. mine is only cosmetically “challenged” :slight_smile: Everything is working, regardless i’m confident Squarp will fix it.

FYI - the current 2020 Pyramid press kit shows the device with the underline on pad 6 & 14

LOL you got to love consistency! :slight_smile:

All pictures I’ve seen of mk3 have these markings.

So this cosmetic anomaly seems to be consistent.
Interesting that this is the first time I’ve seen it mentioned so I guess others did not notice or didn’t trouble them.

If it’s a concern to you, then best course of action is to reach out to Squarp to find out if there is a solution that is acceptable to you.

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