Pyramid MK3 hardware question


A question I couldn’t see answer to in forums or online

I accidentally ordered what is tagged as MK2 from a euro instrument site.

Is MK3 a hardware update over mk2 and if so is there somewhere the differences are listed ? Trying to workout whether to return it and buy a MK3

Thanks in advance

Pretty sure it is just a cosmetic update, so I guess it depends on which version you like the look of best.

Presumably. I can’t find a description of the differences listed anywhere. I sent an email to Squarp to ask.

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Thank you mate.

Not aware of any official list either, but some of the (cosmetical) differences were discussed here: Why does my Pyramid look different?

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I had forgotten about that existing topic. I got a nice reply from Squarp and posted the details I received there.

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Thats very helpful guys. No need to return MK2 I guess. Thank you.

My first squarp product so will post my thoughts in a few weeks !

I emailed Squarp about this last week and they confirmed the updates are only cosmetic.
EDIT: I see @pmatilai already answered to this effect. :blush: