Pyramid MK3 hardware question


A question I couldn’t see answer to in forums or online

I accidentally ordered what is tagged as MK2 from a euro instrument site.

Is MK3 a hardware update over mk2 and if so is there somewhere the differences are listed ? Trying to workout whether to return it and buy a MK3

Thanks in advance

Pretty sure it is just a cosmetic update, so I guess it depends on which version you like the look of best.

Presumably. I can’t find a description of the differences listed anywhere. I sent an email to Squarp to ask.

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Thank you mate.

Not aware of any official list either, but some of the (cosmetical) differences were discussed here: Why does my Pyramid look different?

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I had forgotten about that existing topic. I got a nice reply from Squarp and posted the details I received there.

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Thats very helpful guys. No need to return MK2 I guess. Thank you.

My first squarp product so will post my thoughts in a few weeks !

I emailed Squarp about this last week and they confirmed the updates are only cosmetic.
EDIT: I see @pmatilai already answered to this effect. :blush:

No memory increase? I mean I guess that’s good for making me not want to see if there’s a memory upgrade for the mk2’s, but why not upgrade the memory for all of them and increase the number of sequences?

I’m wondering why the pad numbers 06 and 14 are underlined instead of 05 and 13.

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If we look it as a keyboard, 01 is note C and 06 is note A. Maybe that’s the reason?

I just received my new Pyramid Mk3 and I wanted to know if the display has a protection layer over it or not? I cannot tell precisely…I see some scratches over it

My Mk3 definitely had a plastic sticker over the screen.

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