Pyramid loading times and sync slave?

I was wondering how long it takes the pyramid to load a full featured project. Is this happening almost instantly or does it take a minute or so?

I also saw that the pyramid can keep sending the clock to external gear while loading, but what’s not clear to me is what happens when a track that is being loaded has a different BPM than the last one. Will the send clock in that case immediatly jump to the new projects bpm when play is hit? is there a feature to lock bpm so it the loaded projects bpm gets ignored?

load times will depend on size of projects, but in my experience its a few seconds, so not ‘instant’, but not minutes.

as far as I can see, the bpm of the clock is changed as soon as the project is loaded. i.e. before you hit PLAY.

currently, I guess this kind of makes sense since sync load and sync stop are related.
ie for syncl oad to ‘work’ as you expect, sync stop also needs to be on.

otherwise, when the new project is loaded, it immediatly stops sending clock, since the transport is not running.
this means in turn if sync stop is ON, then of course, it starts sending the new clock because the transport is running

if you need something different, you could sent a feature request to squarp via the contact form
perhaps sync load, could continue you to use the ‘old BPM’ , if sync stop is off ?

no - there is not currently a feature to ignore the bpm of the project being loaded.
again, you could send a feature request for this if its necessary
(perhaps sync load, could have OFF, ON, RETAIN BPM)

another way around all of this might just be to have another device run as your master clock.
(this seems to make sense if you dont want to use the pyramid project bpm)

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just gonna add - having a faster sd card also makes a difference on load performance. The load is quick, but there are situations where loading can affect clock output - so you need a fast card and you need to manage the number of files on the card.

I’ve never seen anything on the order of ‘several seconds’, it’s more - can the squarp keep the clock accurate while it’s loading more than anything else for me.

I don’t use it, but I remember reading in the manual:

TIP To not load the new BPM of a project, and so avoiding a BPM jump between two projects, hold 2ND while selecting a project to load.


nice :slight_smile: I hope this works

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