Pyramid fail to save project "error 4"


Today I was making a song on the Pyramid, just 6 tracks, not many midi effects or events, not a busy project.
When I was saving before turning everything off and going out Pyramid displayed: “failed to save, error 4”.

Anyone knows this problem and can tell me what is about?


I’ve never seen nor heard of that one.
Best bet would be to note all salient details (PyraOS version, duplicatable on a fresh Project, etc) and fill out the form at

They would have the answers on this.

An update, I was about to go to work when I tried to save that project. Now I’m back home and trying to open that project it says “fail to load - error 8”.
I’ve lost that song on which I’ve spent the whole morning and half afternoon. I did a quick audio recording with the phone before trying to save so I can reproduce the sounds by ear next time, nevertheless this is unacceptable. I use a sequencer for stability and to be sure that everything works, otherwise I’d use my daw also for songwriting which is vastly superior in any way.

Thanks for the suggestion, I will maybe write them next days as soon as I calm down from this inconvenient, now I’d just want to trash this thing

If the MIDI data is precious, you could try popping the SD card out and “importing” the MIDI into a new Project or even into your DAW. If the *.mid files are good and the .pyr file is corrupted or something then it’s just a matter of recreating the MIDI FX and Track Settings, etc.

I’d strongly suggest messaging Squarp, tho. The problems you’re facing may be from the SD Card and that’s something you’d want to know before continuing with new Projects.

The sd card is the one that was included with the Pyramid, hopefully it’s a type of card that it’s supposed to work. I bought it new from Thomann in september, 3 months ago, at the price of 745 euros.

Honestly, it is new, I never did “unorthodox” programming things with it and it never has been physically hurt.
I wonder what they can tell me if I write them, I’d do it just for curiosity

did you try to ‘save as’ a new project?

in this post , error 4 , seemed to be related to saving over an existing project … though we didn’t get much more in the way of details.

if you contact Squarp (as above) , then hopefully they can tell you id this is more an ‘application error’ or an issue with writing to the sdcard (so physical) .
similarly they can tell you what ‘error 8’ is - though, Id hazard a guess that is simply going to be a ‘corrupt’ project error.

frustrating, indeed, if you search the forum - you’ll see its only be mentioned once (that I could find), so not a common issue - so unfortunatly, id guess its likely a sdcard issue… they, are pretty reliable usually, but they do fail … could just be an ‘unlucky’ bad one :frowning:

(sdcard type all be pretty much irrelevant … its not used ‘real time’, so pretty much anything will work in it… just might be slower for loading/saving projects)

It’s impossible to “save as” because it will not open that project anymore.

I’m not used to this things. I have a recording studio here (meaning working with clients) so I have an extremely stable daw setup in which not only crashes are out of the question but even occasional “pops” or glitches when recording 20+ tracks at low buffer like 32 samples are not happening.

I don’t know if such problems are common with hardware sequencers, I got the Pyramid because I felt there was somenthing wrong with midi over usb and indeed after doing some tests Pyramid is more stable than my usb/midi interface and the music “feels” better.

I always try to invest in quality gear to have a product that gives me peace of mind because I know how angry I get over this technical problems so I bought the Pyramid.

Anyway, I appreciate your help, thanks.
I will decide if write them and see what’s up or just get rid of it and find another solution

Indeed the ‘save as’ was for when you had problems saving - not loading, by then it’s too late.

Pyramid has been reliable for me … as I would expect, but of course we all have different experiences.

If you don’t gel with it, move on - life is too short :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right.

I like the Pyramid, I was fascinated and determined to learn it, was also making progress everyday. Now I am a bit “scared” to use it.

Thanks for answering!

yeah, I can imagine…

Id say (whilst you wait for a response from Squarp)

a) format sdcard, and try some tests saves on it. or alternatively (safer?) try a different sdcard.
(obviously backup project first on to your computer !)

b) if you have the error again (Id hope not on new card!), try save as, if save fails.
generally using ‘save as’ to store backups is a pretty good idea

c) check the sdcard, there should be a backup directory, you may find a copy of the project there, that is loadable , assuming you had previously saved it successfully.

also make sure you are on latest firmware version. (partly as this will the first thing you are asked, if you have support issues :wink: )

btw: if you still have your ‘corrupted project’ , zip it up and place it on dropbox/google drive , and we can take a look … to see if its a corrupt project file or if there is nothing there… if there is little there, then id suspect it was an sdcard fault.

btw2: if the corrupt project has some midi files you could check those in a daw, see if you have any track data that you could ‘salvage’.

Thank you, I will do that tomorrow morning and see how it works.
I can eventually report here what will happen if it could be useful

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