Save Failed (Error 4)

I can save a new project using “Save as” and giving it a new name.
However, after some changes were made to the project, I can not save it anymore.

“Save As” and giving it a new name works fine. But that is not my intention, it should overwrite it when pressing “Save”.

What is wrong?

Thanks for any help!

this is (obviously) not normal… sound likes something wrong project perhaps?!

Id advise to save as new, then perhaps delete the old project, then rename.

perhaps if it happens again with this name, there is an issue (bug) with some kind of special characters you are using? so you can report this.

btw: you do not say which product you are talking about pyramid? hermod?

regardless, best to contact Squarp directly for this.

perhaps you can supply them the project so rhat they can try for themselves with your project.

Hi Technobear,
thanks for your prompt answer.

It happens also with other names. E.g. the file which I had to save via “Safe As” yesterday could not be saved after made changes today.

I am using the Pyramid (V3.22) and have already sent an inquiry to Squarp. No strange charakter used in File except 2 space characters :slight_smile:

Do not think it is done via upgrading to 3.23 which seems to be the latest OS.

Im sure they’ll back to you asap

Im on 3.23 which is latest, and is working here.
(that said, I was on 3.22 before, and didnt have any issues)

Id probably try a different sd card , see if you get the same behaviour.
also try using a new project see if you get the same issue i.e. detemine if its anything related to that project.

yes, might be the card or th eproject.
I have just tried to load the file which I could not save - > “Load Failed”.

So, I know this doesn’t really address the key problem… But I think this is one of those cases where having a sd card reader and using it’s utility is a worthwhile work around… I don’t know why it’s not letting you save as… I’ve never seen that behavior before… but if you did it with an sd card you could make a copy of the file, rename it on the computer and then make edits to that copy…

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