Pyramid / ERM Multiclock / iconnectivity MIO 10 / DAW


Hi folks,

Can I get some advice from other Pyramid users on integrating iconnectivity MIO, my DAW and ERM multiclock?

I’ve got the MIO and the Pyramid hooked up already. Working fine. (DAW is not involved at this point)

What’s the best way to distribute the clock from the multiclock to my hardware that is connected to and sequenced by Pyramid?

My DAW is going to send the audio pulse to the ERM to generate the clock in the ERM. The clock will then come into the MIO for routing. Do I want to send that clock just to the Pyramid and then slave all my devices to Pyramid?

Or should I turn the sync send off on the Pyramid and just split the clock from the multiclock out direct to all my devices that need it? Effectively slaving everything to the ERM rather than Pyramid.

Or should the clock go everywhere it needs to go with Pyramid sending clock/sync too? Would this result in clock doubling?

Or will it not make any material difference however I do it so long as everything gets the same clock from the same source?

I’m guessing the timing may be fractionally tighter if the MIO distributes the clock rather than it passing through the Pyramid and the Pyramid resending it along with all the other MIDI info it has to crunch and distribute. Although this might not be at all noticeable in the real world.

Once I’ve got it all going I want to jam with my tracks and sequences and send a duplicate of the Pyramid’s MIDI outs out to my DAW MIDI ins to track my arrangement in MIDI as a left to right timeline. Thereafter I can finalise/ fine edit my arrangement in the DAW without needing Pyramid to drive my hardware. I can route this MIDI out via the MIO to the other gear and completely bypass the Pyramid.

I find the Pyramid is incredible for jamming and generating ideas but I’m struggling to write detailed, finished work on it. Especially while the sequence chaining functionality is still broken and I have lost patience waiting for the fix in OS 3.

Appreciate your advice, folks.



i have a comparable setup with 2 multiclocks, copperlan with 3 al88s and a couple of machines that get synced

as almost every synth has a differing latency I’m using all the multiclock outs and distribute to the machines via copperlan
on the multiclock I can set different time offsets to make the machines run tighter together

also I’m using one multiclock as the clock master an make my DAW Ableton Live run as a slave … that way I can run all machines without the need for a daw - so I can work without computer


Hey @verstaerker Thanks for the advice.

Other than the usual DAW/MIDI latency/jitter woes (hence the acquisition of the multiclock) I’ve not had any latency issues with machines that are sequenced or clocked (synched) by the Pyramid. So using the separate clock offsets on the mulitclock to account for that hadn’t occurred to me. But I see how that could be applied. The old Super Bass Station can be a bit sloppy with its timing, as it goes.

So assuming that I am happy with the Pyramid clocking my machines. (And ignoring the Super Bass Station for the moment) Should I just send the multiclock clock to the Pyramid and slave my machines sequenced by the Pyramid to that?

Or would I be better to distribute the multiclock clock direct to the machines via the MIO and tell Pyramid not to send clocking?

Or should I send the mulitclock clock wherever it needs to go knowing that everything is receiving the same clock and therefore there won’t be any clock doubling?

Where does the Pyramid sit in your set up? Is it one of the machines receiving the multiclock clock and does it forward that on to connected machines?

Interesting to note that you use another multiclock to clock the DAW as ERM seem insistent that the DAW should be the defacto master clock - but outputting an audio clock to generate a MIDI clock from the multiclock - rather than pumping out MIDI.

Is that 2nd multiclock in play so you have a master clock source when you are not using your DAW? Meaning, when the DAW is in play the 2nd multiclock isn’t and the DAW drives the multiclock?

A lot of questions there, sorry.

Really appreciate your advice.


I would send the clock from the multiclock to your Mio and distribute it from here to all machines
but I don’t have any proof if that’s better or not… it’s just my way

so yes the multiclock is with one exception just another Slave to the Midiclock
(I’m sending clock from he pyramid to the monomachine as the arp doesn’t stop without a second stop signal (wich the pyramid delivers)

I’m slaving the DAW just from another channel of my first multiclock. I only got the second multiclock as I have too many devices with different latencys ( the differences between the machines are up 10 ms - wich results in bad timing )


That’s really helpful. Thanks. jim