Pyramid build -- poor quality encoders


Has anyone had their encoders on the Pyramid stop working? The encoder #4 on my pyramid has become completely unresponsive after a few weeks’ use.

One of the things I was disappointed with when I received the Pyramid, is I thought for the price it would be of better build quality, mostly with the cheap encoder feel.

I have a range of other devices/synths in the same price ballpark and their encoders feel much better.

Well, after some mild use one the encoders stopped working.

Has anyone experienced this? I want to ascertain if there’s a widespread problem with the encoders.


I’ll add one more thing: Other encoders ‘skip’ making adjustments the settings if you move them too fast, but it’s not as if I’m moving them extraordinarily fast. For example, using the main encoder to adjust the tempo. The numbers will stop changing while I’m turning if I go fast.

What I’m getting at: the encoders are really poor quality and hap-hazard in their execution.

Nope, Never had an issue with any of the encoders on mine - and they feel pretty similar to other gear I have.

If you are having issues with your hardware you should contact squarp using their contact form.

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I’ve just recived my mk3. Had a few issues with encoder 3 (or was it #4?). But it seems to depend on what mode I’m in, so i suspect a software bug.
But I haven’t had the time to test it so much yet…

Nope, mine works as intended. The most likely explanation is that you got one with faulty encoders.

Which of course does not mean every unit has faulty encoders, so the assumption that all Pyramids are built poorly just because you had some issues is incorrect.

Regarding encoders jumping, it can be a faulty encoder but most likely a software adjustment, most encoders will skip if you turn them too fast.

The pyramid is pretty basic in terms of hardware, nothing spectacular. But to me the hardware is well put together and the metal body and buttons feels and works good.

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The housing and the pads/buttons feel good. The X-Y touchpad is also good. However, the encoders do not feel robust enough and I noticed this from first use. So no assumptions were made. It was a tactile observation.

Then, I’ve had an encoder fail to be responsive, and the main encoder not keeping up with my turn speed.

So in a sense, I believe my observation was validated. Unfortunately for me, of course.

Thanks for the input.

As i stated if you have faulty encoders, assuming every pyramid has them is incorrect.

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Actually I asked the question, if anyone has experienced similar results (please read my post).

Thanks and have a nice day.

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I don’t think anyone else has commented on the quality of encoders, and like @Fotopaul, I’ve experienced no issues nor felt they lack ‘quality’.

so its seems this is unfortunately a problem on a particular unit.

however, this isn’t going anywhere productive…so going to close.

suffice to say , if anyone has issues with their hardware, they should contact Squarp to discuss it using the contact form, I posted above.

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Yes, my main encoder went dead after 2 months. It started with skipping and after couple weeks totally stopped. You’ll have to send it back and get a replacement unfortunately. They have a new encoder their using.

Thanks for confirming the issue.

And they’re using new encoders? Surprise, surprise!

Sadly some people’s responses to my concerns went straight to ‘hero’ defending mode.

There seems to be a real issue with the encoders.

Anyway - I spoke with them and Squarp dealt with my problem professionally and in a friendly manner. They are a great company!

But I do have to send mine back for replacement of econders :frowning:


I had problem with skipping encoder 1.

I got a replacement encoder with nice metal shafts and very strong positive clicks per step.

After desoldering and soldering on the new encoder it was working much better.

Not a very hard thing to do and feels much better than the encoders out of the factory.

I wasn’t able to send it back to fix.

do you have a part no? would like to have spares just in case for the future.


awesome thanks!