Pyramid arpeggiator, what is happening?

Hello everyone,

One thing I always noticed in my Pyramid using the arpeggiator fx is that it often repeats the first note 2 times before starting arpeggiating regularly.
I “solved” the problem by not using the arpeggiator but today I was wondering again if there is a way to make it work properly or if I’m doing something wrong.
All other devices I have with arpeggiators work normally.

I attach here a video to explain what I mean, at 0:15 the arpeggiator goes fine, all the other times you can hear that the first note is repeated 2 times instead of one at the first “round” of the arpeggiator.

which arpeggiation style do you have selected?

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“up” mode, but it behaves like this in every mode

Are there any other FX on?
Does this still happen if you turn the tempo down by 50% or 75%?

No other fx active, happens with every kind of tempo

Does it do the same with a recorded chord, or one you have programmed in using a
step mode?

It doesn’t do it with a recorded chord, it does it in live mode. I attached a video in the first post in which I show the behaviour

If you don’t get the problem with recorded notes it seems like the appegiator FX itself works okay and so it seems the problem is with the MIDI coming in, or the processing the Pyramid is doing to it, before it hits the arpeggiator. It’s difficult to say what though. Try Pyramid’s keypads to play a chord - if that works okay it would seem the problem lies with the MIDI before it gets to Pyramid - if not maybe check through your settings and double check the quantiser is off (or perhaps try turning it on). If you find something that even alters the behaviour it may give you a clue. Good luck!