PSA: how to create VCA envelopes to go with a note track

Someone please chime in if I’m saying dumb stuff. But I just spent an hour figuring this out and I don’t think it’s in the manual. So I wanted to post this in case it helps anyone :slight_smile:

Let’s say you have a mono note track on the Hermod+ which outputs CV and gate. You patch the CV to a VCO and the VCO into a VCA. You can patch the gate from the Hermod+ into an envelope generator module, and patch that into the VCA. But is there a way to generate those envelopes with Hermod+ only? Yes.

Change the layout on your note track to 2 voices: Mono + Aftertouch. Set up an ENV effect on the Mono note track and set the destination to “Aftertouch”. Then note events in the mono track will generate full AHDSR envelopes on the Aftertouch track’s CV output.

If you want to “unlink” these envelopes from pitch CV on the note track, and edit them independently, you can also copy your sequence to a new mono note track, then change that to a modulation track, add an ENV effect on that (new) modulation track, and set the destination to Mod.


Another way to generate envelopes-- using gate inputs.

Create a mod track. Go to track configuration (hold down the track button), then go to Inputs and set Input CV to CV/Gate AB. Patch your gates to input B. Then create an ENV effect on the track and set its destination to Mod.

Not sure if there is a way to do this with input A or C.