PROJECT PLAY: if not all pattern are available, at LEAST 96 sequences in the total

Squarp ; if you can’t afford to no more than 32 sequences per project, should be that:

each one of the 32 sequences may have 32 variants ( pattern variant )
Now, as I can’t draw the space in the screen for myself I show it as I would do it.

The numbers below show the sequences. But bellow that it can be possible to link the pattern variant of each track. This should be possible if possible will be to can enter to each of the single track in SEQmode and change its pattern variant; and so creating something that sounds like “pattern number 24 of the track number 17” … In this way we would have at least 32 x 32 different sequences for a total of 1024 different changes of sequences…using same memory ( and I say !!! )

But please at least give us 96 sequences in the total. which means basically 6 groups of 16 pattern that can be launched as well from the perform mode in this way.
96 as number would also fit in to your graphical system that you already use as only two numbers as “tens” can stay there in to this graphic.


I think there is a confusion here…
it’s 32 patterns per track (not “per sequence”)
and we can have a different pattern for each sequence
but that’s it

you can find a good description of the Pyramid workflow on this page:

plus, I doubt that Squarp modify something on the “architecture” of the Pyramid now
your best chance is they succeed to implement project chaining (so you could have a number potentially unlimited of chained sequences…)

YOu don’t need to show me the manual for this case.
I really know the patterns change per track, but i am not talking about the trackmode.
In SEQmode you got 64 tracks to choose per sequence but not their relative patterns.

So whatever there will be or not a project chaining the question stays.

yeah because “sequences” are basically “tracks states” (snapshots)

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that’s it…

That means you cant select a pattern in Seq mode?

Sternenlicht, for each of the 32 sequence, you can choose which tracks are muted/unmuted, and which patterns are playing within the unmuted tracks.

Yup! A small correction tho. Patterns and sequences are tied together no matter the mute state.
(In the Pyramid world, every selected pattern is always running, muted or not.)

…exactly … so that means patterns are ACTUALLY tracks when we are in SEQmode.

To unable different pattern per track means ACTUALLY not wasting tracks

why not to ask at least 96 sequences?
This means just 6 groups of 16 sequences, from the perform mode perspective view.
This would enable a lot more of potential and physically just can stay inside the screen due to the 2 numbers that has room inside the graphic adopted by Squarp

Hello, I’m new here…and reading the manual didn´t help me…how do you select wich pattern (of X track) will be active/played in a sequence? For example, If I have 4 different patterns for Track 1…How do I choose wich of those patterns will sound in a sequence? Can I choose to sound Pattern 1 (track 1) in sequence 1 and Pattern 2 (track 1) in sequence 2?

yes you can : )

for your example above:
-SEQ+step1 and you are on the sequence 01
-TRACK+step1 and you are on track 01
-STEP+step1 and your first pattern is selected to be played on track01/sequence01
That’s it.

for your pattern 2 in sequence 02
same thing
-SEQ+step2 and you are on the sequence 02
-TRACK+step1 and you are on track 01
-STEP+step2 and your second pattern is selected to be played on track01/sequence02


yes yes, you can as says above… this is actually something you wouldn’t aspect from such a little choice of sequences but it does. you can actually made almost a song with 4 tracks thanks to this… fortunately!!!

i tell you this way:

SEQ mode. click on play project. scroll down and create 2 sequences. or you do it later and you make just 1 now.
go to the first sequence. and on there select just one instrument. the first pattern of an instrument. kick for instance.
now create a second pattern for your kick. done it, you go on the SEQ mode, and if you didn’t you now make a new sequence.
the second sequence will copy the tracks/instruments in play and the patterns that you have saved before.
but now you are on seq2 so, you go on track again and after selecting the track you want to work on, you now change the pattern of your kick. no you have an other pattern. if you are on the seq2 and you save , you just have saved the sequence 2 with a different pattern of your kick.
save!!! REALLY
now play, and you will see changing your pattern with the change of the sequence.

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Check this ;).


ahhhh video is yours…
it’s ok man. YOu show having good skills and now I know who you are :smiley: ------ BUT let me say:
1 - you are a slide too fast…Well, but this with a bit of eye can be summed.
2- the screen!!! you may say it is irrelevant but it is quite annoying and this sucks a bit , pity , but you are the only one who made a good video about that topic, and quite well in terms of quality, so I put my thumb up anyway :wink:

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I got it the first time :wink: Even the second! I guess third time lucky? :smile:

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Thanks a lot! It works! hehe

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Thanks a lot for your help!

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Great help from all of you!! Every day I learn a bit more of this amazing sequencer!!


Great and straight explanation!

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