PROJECT PLAY: if not all pattern are available, at LEAST 96 sequences in the total


holy shit, i had no idea you could change patterns using the step button, i was always having to open pattern mode in track mode by holding track+ rotating main encoder and that was a pain!

maybe i will actually start to use patterns now…


yeah, Pyramid is all about shortcuts…
and, actually, that’s what makes it so effective to work with
once you master these shortcuts
you do not need to lose yourself in menus / submenus :wink:

(this “pattern submenu” is a pain, indeed…
I would wish it be a real 5th mode, independent
cause there is no logic to use the STEP button for pattern change while the pattern mode is currently in a Track submode…)

N00b realisation: Track Run Modes are *Per Pattern*! Woo!

you are so right about that!

and there is also a confusion on the parameters displayed in these modes

because for example when you do 2ND+TRACK there is some parameters which belong to the patterns (PC/MSB/LSB, Run mode…) and others are more at a track level (name, ptrn ON/OFF…)

same thing for the DISP screens
it would be nice to display different informations for patterns and tracks

on the old forum, some users had proposed STEP+TRACK for a real independent pattern mode

I hope the Squarp team will take advantage of this next update to better organize things
the workflow is the most essential element for a hardware sequencer imo (even more than the number of features)

personally, I’m not in a hurry for this update, I prefer that they take the time to do things well
so…if @squarpadmin hears us… :slight_smile:



also in DISP screen, track length indications are actually “pattern length”
while we could have other helpful indications for tracks (for example I have suggested a simple screen with all the tracks names on another thread)
even the Time Signatures are at the pattern level now (which is nice)

I think the problem comes from the fact that the pattern mode was not planned from the start
and since v2.0, things have become a little more confused in the Pyramid hierarchy
but it is not a big deal to be fixed !
just have to tidy things up :slight_smile:
indeed STEP+TRACK=PATTERN MODE would be more logical, and handy

edit: and I would love to free up the STEP+PAD shortcut for something else (more “step mode related”)
like to indicate loop points in the PianoRoll for example… :stuck_out_tongue:


oh my…

like :

  • “step+pad number…x”
  • a pop-up screen appears with a question like “left or right locator?”
  • press left (or right) arrow
    and voilà!
    one locator assigned


loop points havebeen discussed a lot in the old forum
I don’t know if it be part of the features taken into account by Squarp
but THIS method would be awesome

great idea! :raised_hands:


Yes. Something like that :wink: