Project Load and save issue

Yeah, I was just asking to see if it was due to time elapsed or number of project changes (I would guess it was the latter)

How ‘busy’ are your projects? How many tracks, events per track (only roughly) and I’ll try to get as close on mine as possible.

Sweet it’s super basic small files even if you look at the data

Purely notes max 8 tracks at a time mostly monophonic and perhaps 1-2 polyphonic patterns per track.

My most complex project would have bass, melody 2-5 pads on 6-7 and maybe something on 8

Then I have pc messages to my access virus on every project. Pc is set up pc + msb + pre send

hey. i shared the project i’m working on with Thibault @ squarp yesterday; he’s going to see if he can figure something out.
guess we’ll have to wait and see if anything specific comes up from him or Loz…

Thanks for the update was going to message tomorrow to see what the crack is. I also sent him some too fingers crossed! Really want this tied up before it’s too late (14 day return) I wonder if it’s hw related but doubt it as you are the July batch right ? I’m September

Hey, sorry, I played around a bit the other day but couldn’t get it to crash, meant to do some more tests but didn’t get around to it.

I basically created two projects with 15 tracks full of random data, playing and then loading each one into each project slot in turn, swapping between each track and each project, but it still worked for me. Played around for about ten minutes, but changed projects about 30 times during then.

It did just have note data in, though, did you have anything else in there like automation or effects?

yeah, mine’s from the july batch.
Jean had me run the hardware ‘test’- you power it up while holding the number 1 encoder. it gives you a list of things to do that help check the hardware’s operating properly. my passed without issue, so it’s probably not hardware related…

hey. i didn’t have two projects loaded when i discovered the issue; i just found that it wouldn’t save or load after about 15-20 mins of continuous running. it also crashed a number of times when i tried selecting the automation view; since i re-formatted my SD card it hasn’t done that… yet.
i didn’t have any automation in there anyway, i happened to accidentally press the automation button the first time it happened. i just had notes, and one track with an arpeggiator running; no euclidian etc. and like Central.intelligence not many tracks- 4 synths mono/poly, and 5 tracks with my individual drum parts on (although, i’ve swapped to a drumtrack now, and it still does the freezing up/crashing).

Interesting I have pc and msb I think the other dude has automation :slight_smile: