Power/USB connection hacks?


Since the beginning, the only frustration and trouble I’ve had with my standalone Pyramid mkI is the USB/power inlet that is just not sturdy enough. The only thing keeping this connection in place is the soldering on the PCB and I actually had to resolder this after it partly came off and now it came off again. When the cables wiggles, power drops and I loose my work. This is a request/question directly to the Pyramid team @squarpadmin: do you have any suggestions on making this more stable? I bought my Pyramid February last year and I never considered this a warranty issue because it’s just part of the design.


Hi @bparticle
Can you please send us an email at contact(at)squarp(dot)net, with your problem, so the team can solve your issue?
Since MK2 versions, the USB connector have been upgraded and is more robust. Sometime, the problem can also come from a bad USB cable.


Thanks! Just sent the email :wink: