Possible Chance & Scale Effect Improvements


Two points…

  1. In Pyramid’s Scale effect, it should be possible to transpose by more than +/-12 semitones. I think this has been implemented on Hermod already. While this does not really make sense on MIDI synths, it is very convenient on modular synths where retuning oscillators is not fun at all.

  2. Currently, the Chance effect plays or does not play a note based on a certain probability. Instead of playing / not playing, it would be interesting to have a skip / play feature in the sense that “with a certain probability, a note is skipped or played”. This would affect the length of the pattern, of course. Since polymetry/polyrhythm is a strength of Pyramid, a probability-based skip effect would be a very powerful addition.


+1 for all that


A third point would be: 3) Stretching patterns by a certain factor, see for example https://obedia.com/how-to-stretch-a-midi-passage-in-studio-one-4/
The factors that should be available in the minimum are 2 (double) and 1/2 (half). This is called augmentation and diminution in music theory sometimes.
I can imagine that this is tricky to implement as a MIDI effect. But it can be implemented as a function applicable to patterns similar to the “consolidate” function which is applied to tracks.
Once it is possible to apply functions to patterns, many other things can be implemented: inversion in time (i.e. running the notes backwards), mirroring of notes relative to a root note above/below and so on.