Possible Chance & Scale Effect Improvements


…scales and chords are not important for me, I play keyboard (although very lousy). If they implement scales, I would be interested in a solution which allows including/excluding notes over more than one octave. Going beyond chromatic semi-notes would be interesting too.


That’s great, but for others, they are quite important. You may find it of interest to discover that you are not the only person in the user base, and that what others hold of import are equally important as the things you hold, no more, no less.


Whenever I say something, it’s my personal perspective. What else should it be? I’m not a spokesperson for others or some abstract “user base”. No need to remind me of that, btw. But thanks anyway :slight_smile:
Why are scales so important? Especially, since the scales on Pyramid cover 98% of all musically relevant scales. The only one I really missed was the whole-tone scale. I am also under the impression that by layering the existing scales (i.e. applying two SCALE effects), one can pretty much do anything. But that’s just an impression, I never had a use case myself.


You can make an 8 note custom scale for performing and recording using the custom chords feature. Just assign single notes to the smartpads and play the smart pads.

Another lame hack I’ve used is programming a really quick ‘chord’ of my custom scale in step view, giving it 0 velocity and then using the step mode filter (double tap Step) so I can only programme notes in my scale in step view.

Thinking about it now… you could probably make a really long track, put your scale at the end, turn the filter on and then reduce the track length down to give you a clutter free step editing space.

Still not the same as having the machine limit the notes you play as you bang away at random on something…but you know…might get you part way there.


Interesting. What exactly is this “step mode filter”? Don’t remember seeing this in the manual. I use scales for generative music occasionally, but except for the whole note scale and note filters spanning more than an octave, I have everything.


In stepmode NOTE and stepmode CC MESSAGES, dou-ble tap STEP to activate the filter, in order to scroll only through programmed notes or CC messages. A popup is displayed for a few time:
For example, in NOTE stepmode, rotating will jump to the next programmed note (e.g. D4), useful if use a wide range of notes. In CC MESSAGES stepmode, rotat-ing will jump to the next CC automation (e.g. Program Change).
When the filter is activated, a circle pictogram is displayed next to the stepmode name:
Double tap STEP to exit the filter mode.

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