Playing and recording midi note+velocity+modulation?

I want to play my eurorack cv synth live with a midi keyboard, playing at the same time midi note, velocity and modwheel data but I can’t seem to do it on the hermod. You can only select a track at a time, and you can’t set it so that cv/gate 1 sends note v/oct cv, track 2 sends velocity, and track 3 sends modulation…I can’t seem to do it…either it plays only note+velocity (selecting track 1) or modwheel if track 3 is active…I find it strange as most midi to cv converters do this easily.

Ok, this can be done (playing live note+velocity+modwheel at the same time) this way:

  • SETTINGS - MIDI CHANNELS - TRACK 1 = channel 1
  • SETTINGS - MIDI CHANNELS - TRACK 3 = channel 1
  • configure your track 3 as a MOD track

This worked but unfortunately one still cannot record a live performance in real time because it only records the active track. So I can record notes (track 1 active) but the modwheel movements (patched to filter cutoff ) is not recorded…I asked to add this possibility (several tracks recording simultaneous over midi) in a future update, or to add the possibility of a track being note+velocity+cc modulation for example (3 tracks), and they are considering it :blush: thanks.


Almost two years later and this still seems to be a problem when recording live (which is what I intend to do).
Now there is a global recording, but that would record all tracks which would imply that I am using 8 cv and gate tracks for only 1 instrument.
Any update on the feature request?
Here is my user story:
“As a live performer with several eurorack voices and drums, I want to use my external midi controller for one voice at a time so that I can play and record it in one go with all modulation tracks associated with that voice.”

Feedback is welcome.

iirc correctly, assuming you don’t do hard record, then if you do a global record, it will only record for the channels that you send data on…
so you can use global record, assuming you’re only sending midi that you want to record and your other tracks will be unaffected - no?

as stated elsewhere, ‘feature requests’ are not via this forum… (and has not been for a very long time :wink: ) so not sure if the above post was ever sent to squarp or not.

if you have ideas for a feature request. please send them via the contact form on squarps website