Playing and recording midi note+velocity+modulation?


I want to play my eurorack cv synth live with a midi keyboard, playing at the same time midi note, velocity and modwheel data but I can’t seem to do it on the hermod. You can only select a track at a time, and you can’t set it so that cv/gate 1 sends note v/oct cv, track 2 sends velocity, and track 3 sends modulation…I can’t seem to do it…either it plays only note+velocity (selecting track 1) or modwheel if track 3 is active…I find it strange as most midi to cv converters do this easily.


Ok, this can be done (playing live note+velocity+modwheel at the same time) this way:

  • SETTINGS - MIDI CHANNELS - TRACK 1 = channel 1
  • SETTINGS - MIDI CHANNELS - TRACK 3 = channel 1
  • configure your track 3 as a MOD track

This worked but unfortunately one still cannot record a live performance in real time because it only records the active track. So I can record notes (track 1 active) but the modwheel movements (patched to filter cutoff ) is not recorded…I asked to add this possibility (several tracks recording simultaneous over midi) in a future update, or to add the possibility of a track being note+velocity+cc modulation for example (3 tracks), and they are considering it :blush: thanks.