Recording notes/gates/modwheel simultaneously

Is there a way to record notes + gates + modwheel CC on the same MIDI channel simultaneously?

I see a reference to “global record” here:

But I don’t see any reference to global recording in the manual or in the menu. I’d be happy with a way to tell Hermod to record everything coming in from a given channel, but right now it seems to only record data relevant to the currently selected track, and you can’t have a track set up to record notes + gates + modwheel, as far as I can tell.

i think the hermod does that by default, as stated in the manual, if i understand correctly what you are trying to do

Hard REC
You can record midi events (notes, pitchbend, aftertouch and modulation) coming from MIDI in, USB host, USB device and CV inputs at any time, in any mode by simply pressing rec. These events will be recorded with overdub.


Multitrack REC
Hold STEP and press REC to enable a multitrack recording. Up to 8 routed tracks (via midi in, usb in, cv/gate in, …) can be recorded at the same time.
When Multitrack recording is not enable, only the selected (active) track will be recorded.

you can find this information in the manual, “Hard rec” and “multitrack rec” paragraph, in the “Step” page

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