Perfect Pyramid's companion for drums?


Awesome, girl power! Really dig that they do an all girl commercial. Have been listening to Umfang lately, she has some nice tracks.


If it has no sequencer, is digital and has few knobs, I don’t see the point in a hardware drum synth unless you really don’t use a computer in the studio at all.


Can you change pattterns on the MD by sending MIDI messages? If yes, does it have a setting for the launch quantization of the patterns?


A quick scan of the Elektronauts Forum yielded this:

I’m sure there’s more.
Note: I’m not using an MD, but I’m using an OT in my rig - which is slave to the whole PatternChain values (PLEN or no less than 2/16) and can’t change patterns on the fly.


The MD is a monster that I’m finding hard to resist


…but you will never catch me saying “trigless trigs”… nope.