Perfect Pyramid's companion for drums?



Thank you so much for the feedback !

(I also plan to use the DD as a “secondary drum machine”, especially to add percussive elements with euclid patterns, here and there, so the stereo outputs should not be a problem in this case)


regarding the encoders, are they the same as on the MM? (I find them unfortunately too sensitive :frowning: no friction at all)
for better accuracy when incrementing a parameter (of a single value for example) I find the incremental encoders of the Pyramid much more handy…


The hardware is exactly the same, at least from the outside. So yes, same encoders.


another cool thing about the double drummer is that it seems to be sensitive to velocity…


Yes @konrad you’re right. It is.


Mpx 8 sample player is treating me well. I’ve been sampling modular drums. Very bare bones, very cheap. Also aftertouch


Anyone got a Nord Drum 2 for sale? That’s the drum machine for the Pyramid.

Problem is its discontinued & I can’t bring myself to save for the ND3 with the built in pads I’d never use. Little bit disappointed with Nord making the synthesis engine a bit simpler in the ND3 too.

In the meantime I’ve been making drum samples in Reason 5 to export to my Electribe SX. Figure that’ll do as the ghetto option.


so - does anyone use the pyramid with the LXR? how the hell do you sequence it? can you assign different instruments on the LXR to differenet midi channels?


Yes, you can. You need the Brendan Clarke v0.37 Firmware for that.


once i get that, how do i set midi channels on the pyramid?

not much info out there…


Easy. Switch on Track mode. Press the pad you want to change the channel of, use the pads marked 1 through 16. Then hold the pad marked ‘channel’, use the dial next to the screen to pick the midi channel & output.

The manual’s always a good place to start. Page 29’s your friend.


thanks unfolding, i know how to do that with individual channels - but in the LXR the WHOLE box is one midi channel! and the individual instruments are muted or unmuted based on CC notes! how do i turn them on or off using CC?


Dumdumdedum, you are derailing the thread. Please look up the BC v0.37 Firmware on the sonic potions forum. It has individual channels per voice. If you have more questions about LXR/pyramid, feel free to message me.

Now back on topic, who here has gotten a DoubleDrummer? How do you like it?


It’s always good to read the original post of any thread, but going on the thread title, one would be forgiven for thinking the discussion is about possible perfect percussion devices to use with the Pyramid mainly due to there being no mention of the Double Drummer in the title and the question mark. And even reading the original post, it can be interpreted as the Double Drummer is a suggested perfect companion. For those not inclined to program percussion sounds using a drum synth of some description, Akai’s simple sample player/MIDI controllers would be perfect. The MPX16 runs 16 samples, can be triggered via MIDI and they are cheap enough to throw into the mix by not buying lunch at work for a week and making it at home. If 16 instruments are overkil, get the MPX8 instead for even cheaper again.

I agree, there are questions regarding instruments out there are more at home in the user forums created for those products, but to limit this discussion to purely about the Double Drummer is silly and if that was indeed what was intended by TheLoudest when he created the thread, then the thread title needs amending.

I’d like somewhere here on this forum to talk about what percussion modules users are sequencing with their Pyramid, whether there are idiosyncrasies that mean the Pyramid needs to be set up in a particular manner to use certain devices and whether or not they even sound any good. I mean take the Volca Sample for example, those things are so horrible to run using MIDI, there are constant threads on the Korg Volca forum regarding their ridiculous MIDI channel implementation and that dongle that guy made to operate them via MIDI. To stick to my interpretation of the thread, I’d suggest not using the Volca Sample with the Pyramid or any other sequencer other than the one it’s got built into it. Get an MPX16 if you want home-sampled percussion.


Well said, Mark! Fair call too, Maximee.

Had a bit of a think after reading those. This is all too subjective, there’s no perfect drum machine for anything or anyone…

But just to undermine that, I can’t help wanting to mention the SP-404 & it’s built in mic for home made sounds. Or the SP-555 & a BYO mic for hi-fi home made samples. Their internal sequencers are pretty basic & their pads aren’t velocity responsive but when midi’d up they both respond to velocity messages & have pretty decent voice counts for playing complex rhythms. The lack of screens aren’t to be scared of, chopping on them’s pro-chef fast once you get around the ‘mark’ button & start-end dials.


Initially, the question in the title is actually an open-ended question… :slight_smile:

but in my 1st post I’m talking about the DoubleDrummer because it had just been announced
and it is the one that seems to best match my research…
(no need for a drum machine with internal sequencer since I want to use the Pyramid for that…so a simple sound module is enough)
in addition, I already have the MicroMonsta from Audiothingies and I am very happy with it (so I could also add a subtitle for my 1st post “perfect companion for my MicroMonsta” :-p)

but of course all references are welcome in this thread :wink:
(including the MPX which I have considered for a time…)


Apologies if I came across too grumpy. I was trying to be helpful, and i agree that a general discussion about any drum box is fine. I just had the feeling that a lengthy discussion about a very specific device and its even more specific firmware quirks are better discussed in its own thread (which @dumdumdedum also posted in) or via PM.
Either way, @dumdumdedum was helped and all is good.

About the DoubleDrummer: I have it. It’s almost perfect for me. My only major gripe with is it only has a Single TRS out. Other than that it is really sweet sounding and super nice UI/workflow. Pairs very well with the Pyramid, too!


Oh man, would love the ND2… Only tried it a couple of times, it sounds so nice. Would be perfect for that microkorg wave synthpop I filled my brain with some 15 years ago. The Knife etc. Fat percussion.

*edit post, taking question to a new thread


I’m quite happy with the Monomachine (and Machinedrum UW, but prefer the Monomachine for drums especially with the Pyramid, which I’ll explain below). The reason I like the MNM/Pyramid combo is because the MNM is one of my favorite machines for drum sounds thanks to the FM engines. Paired with the Pyramid you have the option to have trigless trigs and trigless locks, which can create variations when programming on the Elektron sequencer and sending notes from the Pyramid. Beyond that, you can program automation on the MNM autochannel on the Pyramid that you can turn on and off at will with mutes on the Pyramid, so you can create some pretty wild automation with the Pyramid that can be triggered at will, and then cleared by reloading the kit. You can kinda do this with the MDUW too, but it lacks the autochannel and trigless trigs, so it’s not as much fun for playing the sequencers against each other. In general, there’s lots to be discovered by playing the sequencers against each other, so don’t be afraid to get dirty with a drum machine with a sequencer with your Pyramid.


Good news!

@Accent- Thanks for the reminder about how great the Monomachine is. A mate has one & the drums he was making in it were sweet, think I’ll hit him up for a sample pack.