Pentatonic Scales on Pyramid?


I found a crude but playable workaround for user defined scales (with limitations)



Wow, that’s super clever! I never would’ve thought of that :smiley: Great ingenuity ^.^


you can kind of create user scales by combining scalers

so to create a pentatonic (major) scale is simple
major , followed by a blues minor transposed down 3 semis ( has to filter notes)
e.g. C Penta Minor = C Major (or just play C Major) , then Blues Minor in A.

other scales can be created similarly, sometimes rounding can also work, you just have to find the relevant ‘mask’ scale (the Blue Mn in the above example)


Some of that music theory serious sheeet right there . Nice one


Egyptian mode is Pentatonic


So I was hopeful for this too and surprised not to find it. These days, globalization means many possibilities in what is a “scale” (or if you are Frank Zappa you create your own). But, instead of attempting to catalogue all possible scales, or deciding which are “popular” or “crucial”, the easiest way is to allow custom user scales. Even the “poor man’s Pyramid” Beatstep Pro allowed this from the very beginning. You simply provide the ability to include/omit from the “standard” 12 tone “Western” scale.

But yes, “choosing” scales is fraught with peril, especially for worldwide product/diverse audience.

Simple case in point, I wish to use (create, don’t expect manufacturers to cater to me) 5-point (pentatonic) Hirajoshi scales – common for centuries in East Asian music.

But, it is a beautiful powerful product. No hate here, just surprised.