Pattern mode with color rows ( custom colors for each track)

Hi squarp team ! I’m so grateful for the last update 1.12!! The happax is now even a more powerful sequencer beast than it was before!!! So far loving it. (The Kratos sequencer :grin::grin::mechanical_arm::muscle:.)
I was just wandering if any other users would like it to see colors in the pattern mode for each track ? Normally I use a color for an instrument track like blue bass, yellow drums, red Keys, green loops, and violet for FX and do on…

It would be great to be able to customize the track color for the pattern section. Till now all the patterns are yellow. I think it would be easier to trigger patterns during a live session If each track has a different color.

Is this possible?? Maybe in future update :smirk_cat:?? Greetings Luis.


Hi Luis,
very good idea!
I would go even further! I would like to have color setting options per pattern! :star_struck:
For this we should (as for every feature request) send our request to Squarp here:
The best way to make dreams come true. :wink:
Greetings, Michael

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Has been discussed already: Muting tracks, a proposal

Not sure if this has been submitted as a feature request though…

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Good for it to get its own thread tho… I think this would be a huge useability upgrade for pattern mode!

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I would guess that the more feature requests are made on a topic, the higher the likelihood that it will be considered. (In addition to technical feasibility, effort, …) :thinking:

I don’t think so, as you pointed out, the contact form is used for tracking, and squarp have explicitly stated they don’t (routinely) monitor the forum.

I think, stronger interest, would be felt with more feature requests via the contact form.
… so definitely, Id advocate people send their ideas in, Squarp want your ideas/feedback.

the forum is great for fleshing out ideas / understanding whats already possible, a role the community can serve very well.
but ultimately, FRs should go direct to Squarp, they can see the bigger picture from all users, and see how things may (or may not) fit on a roadmap.


Hey thanks for the info. I just wanted to see if any other happax user think this is a good idea. Of course I’ll send a request. :grin:

After reading my sentence again thanks to your comment, I noticed it. I expressed myself unhappily. I meant feature requests on a specific topic via contact form. Thank you for the clarification. :+1:

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Yeah , I guess follow what ableton did for push.

So track colours, then allow customize each pattern cell… though admittedly it took years even for ableton to get to that point.l - so many other priorities.
Which I think is true here, lots more features I’d put ahead of this tbh. ( eg > 8 patterns per track)