Ordering Squarp Hapax to Serbia

Hi guys, if anyone can help me with this, It would mean a lot to me. I would like to order the Squarp Hapax to Serbia which is non-European-member country through the official website. My question is: will I need to pay additional tax costs since my country heavily taxes everything related to electronics. The 2 closest countries which could supply the unit are Greece and Hungary, and I can provide a person present both on these locations to pick up the unit. Since the unit isn’t available for purchase due to high request, back-ordering is the only way. I am inclined to say that this is a HUGE investment for me and I am worried to death if the unit gets ceased by customs or that I will need to pay a lot in advance and then wait until September to get it. Any advice on how to proceed is of great help.

I think your best bet is to contact Squarp via the contact form to ask them what the situation is (for shipping/customs) … at least so you have the official route.

this topic will also be relevant, since whilst you are not in the USA, basically situation is more EU vs non-EU.

my understanding/experience is :

if its sent to a non EU country (e.g. Serbia) , then you will not pay EU VAT when you do the check out on the Squarp store … however, when it arrives in the target country, you’ll be charged Customs/Excise at the rate of that country (e.g. Serbia).
also be aware, some couriers will also charge for this service (collecting taxes)… this would be best checked with Squarp (above link) and read above topic.

Greece/Hungary… not sure what your idea is there.
basically, you’d need someone to pre-order if from these countries to work.
Im not sure, you could just give a delivery address different to your billing address, and it use that as the ‘tax’ destination - but you could check with Squarp.
of course, if you let a friend order… then you can pick it up from them, it’ll work.
(though when you cross the border back into serbia, I guess ‘officially’ you’d have to declare it?!)

other options… so the above all refers to direct sales and the pre-order.
Squarp will also be supplying to distributors, so it may be you can find one in Serbia/Greece/Hungary)… I dont know the list of distributors, again ask Squarp… or perhaps look to see how is stocking the Pyramid/Hermod to get an idea.
but we also don’t really know when distributors will get stock, I guess the assumption is after all direct pre-orders are fulfilled… but perhaps pre-orders are available from distributors?

this is the ‘safest’ option for you - since that’ll include all taxes, and not go via customs.

as for dates, hard to say… theres a strong demand for hapax, and the component shortage means the batches built for Squarp are limited by component supply. though hopefully, as we move forward this will improve.
unfortunately, this is the case for all manufactures, its just another headache for them to deal with :frowning:

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