Hapax total price, including taxes

In case it helps anyone, my USA import duty was $64.01, so if you’re in the USA, consider this additional expense when purchasing. The original price + paypal’s fees + import duty came to $1,076.04 USD for me.

(I’m curious if anyone in the USA had to pay a different import duty)


yeah, the price on the Squarp website is excluding duties and vat.
(it does say this underneath the price)

in the EU you are looking at around 20% VAT (no duty)
UK (thanks to Brexit) will be duty, think someone on Elektronauts said it came to around 150 GBP

so I don’t think you did too bad in the US :wink:

edit: changed title, so if others want to talk about their total price in different regions they can do so on this topic.


Not quite on topic, but:
I have a company here in Denmark, and I usually buy stuff in the EU with no added sales tax. Problem is, that in the Squarp shop (when trying to order a Hapax :wink: ) even if I fill in my EU company reg number, tax is still added.
I have sent Squarp a question via the online form, but have not received any receipt of sorts, so I don´t know if they have received my question.
Does anybody know if the online form should generate an automated “we got your question”-reply?

last time I used the contact form, Im pretty sure I got an email notification. (but its been a while…)

iirc, they added this a while back, when they had issues with the contact form, and it was unclear (to everyone), which messages had got thru , and those that had not.

I literally just submitted an email on their form, and got a confirmation reply immediately. Maybe try again.

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Exact same tax for me. Also in the US.

I’m in the US and just got a duty bill for $60.25. So my total comes to $1071.05. Hopefully I’ll be getting mine on friday!

Had a import duty of 42.08 here in the U.S. Los Angeles to be more specific.

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Considering the huge Hapax interest, I guess this was bound to happen: :smiley: :smiley:

$237 import duties in Australia :slight_smile:

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Hopefully, nobody will actually support this ridiculous level of scalping.

I must have gotten lucky, as I did not have any import duties assessed (US-MA, delivered by DHL). I suppose its possible they send me a bill after the fact, but i haven’t seen anything

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Same here. From what I’ve seen, DHL requires the payment up front, vs. FedEx, who sends a bill after, so I’m somewhat hopeful I (and you) will escape a customs payment.

You’ll be astonished by the price of the duties, here in New Caledonia, I will update when I receive mine ! xD

$41.67 import fee here in WA state.

Mine is out for delivery but we have a gated community and doubt a normal delivery person will be able to get to our house…AUGH.

A princely $254 AUD tax into Australia. DHL also slapped GST on the delivery costs even though it was included in the value. Dispute opened to get my $20 back.

I have received mine today here in New Caledonia (ordered march, 3th).

$235 import fees (additional DHL fees included)

Can’t wait to test it tonight !


UK import fees coming in at £156. THANKS BREXIT.

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You arent actually paying much more than the 20% VAT you’d still have had to pay even without Brexit. I’m only saying this in the hope of making you feel better, as I’ve been going through the same thoughts but when I check my purchases its not actually costing me much more at all. Its often just a few pounds more, and thats often down to exchange rate variation affecting my calculations or a small import surcharge by the delivery company.

Yeah, the biggest problem you get is stuff being held in customs in Europe, which has happened to me a couple of times. And I only assume it’s because everyone hates the British now, which is perfectly fair.