NRPN question regarding specific values

I’m writing NRPN automation (OSC volume and shape, LFO rate, etc.) to my hardware with no issues, however when i try to write automation with very specific values (OSC On/Off, hard sync On/Off, filter slope select, etc.) the written automation will change the value to “on” or scroll through the filter slopes but it will never trigger “off” or scroll to the slope associated with the value 0. I physically turn the OSC off and my automation turns it on but my automation will never turn it off, even though the written NRPN automation for the OSC volume does go all the way down to complete silence. I’ve tried this with my REV2 and sub37, both don’t receive the lowest value. What am I missing?

Did you turn off interpolation?

Yes I turned it off. It would be great if the NRPN parameters w 2 values like on/off only had the two lanes to draw automation on, similar to on/off automation for the arp effect. Don’t know much about NRPN but if the parameter is essentially just a toggle and doesn’t require high resolution then why isn’t it just a CC?

I can only guess that it’s probably a matter of consistency when implementing it. If you don’t need to listen for CC, you won’t need to implement a pipeline for it. Some devices though support both. For example a DSI mopho has some parameters that are NRPN exclusive and others that have a low resolution CC and a higher resolution NRPN variant. Maybe your parameter has a CC mapping, too?

Edit: according to Moog Sub 37 MIDI CCs and NRPNs the sub 37 does seem to support CC.

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Hi Greyscale,

14 bit CC and NRPN are different data information.
(As I learned unfortunately with my Moog Minitaur, only receiving 14 bit CC and not NRPN. )

Maybe You get some hints here:

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After reading a fair amount and considering what Velolala and WaldMeister mentioned I’ve decided I’m obsessing over a nonissue. There are numerous workarounds I was just being hard-headed. It doesn’t feel worth it to get caught up when the time spent has already out weighed the reward of using these very specific functions in this very specific way.

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Congratulations on the decision in favor of quality of life. :ok_hand: :+1:

On the other hand, we all want to know our gear so we can be creative in the most joyful way (at this point thanks to Squarp for this forum). And in this special case it’s really not easy to get the difference between cc and nrpn messages as 14bit cc is some kind of midi abuse.

It still hurts a bit to hear the filter of my Minitaur jumping on an automated filter sweep. So I take it as a spiritual lesson in let go. :pray: :upside_down_face:

I sent one more feature request and we will see …

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yea apparently solving technical issues is right behind making music in terms of what i like to do.