Sending High Res CC

I’m sending MIDI from Hapax to Intellijel’s MIDI 1U system, which in my case includes an expander. I’d like to be able to use the high resolution CC’s that the Intellijel system supports. I configured an output like this:

In the Assign screen, choosing a standard CC doesn’t really work because it only shows 0-127 when you turn the encoder. I tried the NRPN option and set MSB to 0x00 (0) and LSB to 0x20 (32) because my understanding from the Intellijel config utility is that the LSB is always 32 greater than the MSB. I also set it to 14 bit.

Anyways, it doesn’t seem to do anything… the CV output is stuck at the bottom of the range and isn’t effected at all when I turn the knob. Also not sure this would be very useful because it takes a LOT of knob turning to get around the range of a 14 bit number.

I’m also interested in sending out high resolution CC from automation. Wondering if there is support for this or if it’s a feature request I need to make.

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NRPN (or RPN) and 14 bit CC are not the same thing.

from your post, it sounds like your modules supports 14 bit CCs.
(this is where two 7 bit CCs are used to form a 14 bit value)

hapax has explicit support for NRPN , but not for 14 bit CC messages.

in fairness…
14 bit CC kind of don’t need explicit support, they can be treated as two separate CC messages for recording/playback purposes.
the only reason you would need support is for ‘displaying’.

also, frankly, 14 bit CC are a ‘midi’ hack that are very poorly supported generally, as the midi specification for them is incomplete… and this has been known to cause issues between certain devices, as they have different expectations on the implementation…

(of course, if/when we finally get midi 2.0 in our devices, this will all be resolved !)

anyway… yes, if you want 14 bit midi cc, as you want to edit in a single automation lane, you’ll need to send a FR to squarp via the contact form.

(Im not, quite sure how they would do this . as it’d be quite messy, given it would need to support both 7 and 14 bit CCs… I guess perhaps per track, you could say if using 7 or 14 bit ccs?!)

While currently unsupported, we’re considering adding 14bit CC in the future.


That would be awesome!

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And the future seems to be nearly now, fw 1.12! :star_struck:
At least the RC shows CC pairs. :smiley: :+1:
You are great, thanks alot.

Is there already a way to define 14bit CC in the Instrument Definitions?