Novation Launchpad MK1?

How can I use the Launchpad MK1 with Pyramid?

Hi :slight_smile: Resurrecting that thread since I saw a comment on Elektron forum mentionning using with success the Launchpad X with the Pyramid (to mute track, navigate etc)
Is anyone using that sort of setup? Does it require extra work aside from routing the midi from the Launchpad to the Pyramid via a computer or a USB MIDI host?

I can see how I can assign CC sent by the controler to effect settings on the Pyramid, but not how I could assign them to mute/switch tracks etc.
EDIT : Ah okay nvm, I found it here: Pyramid Controlled via Novation Launchpad Pro?

I have a launchpad OG… To answer the original question… they are only really useful in conjunction with the Pyramid to toggle mute states… Sequences are not easily controlled via the original launchpad as you can not call distinct pads the same CC but with different values… This however may be different with later versions of the product… As for controlling sequences… I think it would just be easiest to choose an endless encoder and assign sequence switching to that… not able to call up specific sequences that way… however I think this depends more on the other hardware/software combination of the other product…

I think I could control sequences on my NI stuff… but I don’t see the need for it currently in my own workflow.

Oh… you could also use an original launchpad to switch on and off midi FX if it was set to the right channel/CC combination…

To put a fine point on it… and save people the trouble in the future… use an OG launchpad in the simplest way possible… and preferably without the automap software installed… I don’t exactly regret buying it… at the same time it destroyed any confidence I might have in the product line at a future point. automap software is sheer hell and the launchpad excels only at doing the very specific things that it can do in live without the automap software installed anyway. It’s a great clip launcher… it will barely suffice if you need to change the level of something… it’s absolutely hit or miss whether it can be made useful in user1 and user2 modes.

Just to comment about controlling mute/unmute states of tracks, I’m using Push2 as a controller for Pyramid, currently only sending MIDI notes and track selection, but it would be nice to control mute/unmute states as well. This is easy to do with MIDI (as mentioned above), however I’d also like to show track’s state (e.g. muted, unmuted, waiting to “start”, no content) with pad’s colors. This is not possible currently because I can’t retrieve track’s state from Pyramid. I sent a feature request about that to Squarp and they said they’d think about it. I see this working with MIDI sysex messages that would send information about track states from Pyramid to a controller*. That’d allow to perfectly synchronize push (or any other controller) with Pyramid’s track states.

*This assumes that the controller is “controlled” by a computer that will interpret Pyramid’s messages.

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