Pyramid Controlled via Novation Launchpad Pro?

Hi there,
i have a question about the midi control of the pyramid if i use the novation launchpad pro to have in the launchpad screen the tracks of the pyramid to used better for live performance???

Should be provided you can map it, here is the Pyramidi settings available:

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The Pyramid also maps the first 64 notes on the Pyramidi channel to trigger muting and unmuting tracks which is actually the simplest way to setup an external controller to manage track mutes.

Set your Launchbad as a chromatic keyboard, and each note on event will toggle that particular track ( mute if unmuted, and vice-versa )

You can also use CC messaged to change sequences, and change mute states. However there is no way to change the active pattern on any or all the tracks using PyraMidi.

( I put a proposal explaining how it could be done in another post )