No value shown on parameter page 2 and onwards?

Dear forum

When entering automation with encoder 3 on parameter page 2 and onwards, I don’t see the value I am editing. Am I missing something?

On page 1 I can see which value I am about to set but on page 2 and onwards a zero shows no matter what value I am about to enter or have already entered.

See a short video here:
No value?

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What version of PyraOS are you using?

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Hi CreepyPants

I’m on 4.01 :slight_smile:

Absolutely … I have the same problem with 4.01. Quite annoying.
The sad thing is that it worked fine with 3.23.
I wrote a bug report about it to Squarp over a month ago.
But to this day I haven’t got any feedback…
Maybe if you send a bug report too, it might encourage Squarp to do something about it.
Anyway, awaiting (hopefully) the resolution of this problem in 4.02 …if or whenever that will come.
I am considering reverting to 3.23 for the time being, since the improvements in 4.00/4.01 are not really critical to me.

@blackbox @909_State in normal grid view after page one I can’t see the number change for encoder 3 value, but if I use the DISP graphical view I can see the value change when turning the knob, is this working for you?

I’m on 4.01 BTW

Squarp is about to release soon PyraOS 4.02 which will take care of this problem !

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That sounds great 909_State

so 4.02 is out …

including fix :

  • STEP mode (CC MESSAGES) : edit value on screen was frozen to 0 (when pattern length > 1 bar)

can someone confirm this fixes this issue, then I’ll close this topic.

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Confirmed fixed @thetechnobear

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