pyraOS 4.02 - new firmware

Hey y’all !

Here’s a new release, that fixes a few bugs.

To download this update, and for more details about the release, click on the link below:



Cool, thanks.

thank you


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thanks for another update cheers guys for great work

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Merci! Can you tell uswhen an updated manual will be available for download, catering for 4.0?

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4.0 was generally performance improvements and bug fixes.
Im not sure there are any changes necessary to the manual.

what do you think is missing?


I just started learning t use the Pyramid and wanted to make sure i have the corresponding documentation. Not sure what and if anything would be missing, if its just performance improvement and bug fixes then the existing one would be fine.

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It would be nice if the version info of the documentation would be updated. Now the PDF says 3.2 but the same documentation is applicable to 4.0.x, so I’d say to update this to prevent any confusion.


I was about to type a support email complianiung about a minor bug regarding selecting pattern mode that awas starting to really annoy me…
and I nmoticed this. downloaded it and bug already squashed :slight_smile: Thank you Squarp !!

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Quite pleased with this update. Performance enhancements are always most welcome. Pyramid is significantly zippier. Thanks Squarp!


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