My dream Pyramid Mk3!

Please make this!!! I WILL THROW MONEY AT YOU… just add more memory and maybe a touch strip.
Here’ s a quick and dirty mock-up :

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If you want a screen by a MPC Live :wink:

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I don’t need a touch screen or an MPC. I need this.

The screen would not be just for displaying the piano roll/ drum grid , it will be very useful for showing what the encoders are doing.

my sweet dream too… :wink:

I really hope that the Squarp Team seriously think about something like that…

I would prefer a dual screen version like suggested in this thread though:
(yours looks like the screen on the Push2 and the one on the thread above looks like Maschine mk3 and I think it is more useful to have more resolution in height on the screen
in order to display more than one octave on the pianoroll !
plus, the dual screen fits well with the PyraOS “DISP” principle
and you can still have access to 8 encoders under the two screens)

but I think I get what you mean

PyraOS is growing and mk1/mk2 engine seems a bit overwhelmed…
it is a great OS, and it would be AWESOME to see it on a powerful modern piece of hardware
with more power we could have :

  • a proper undo/redo function (maybe “unlimited” like on the mpc)
  • the possibility to save/load a project during the playback
  • more notes on all tracks (welcome black midi!)
  • use plenty of automation curves on many tracks (this is why I would keep the touchpad because draw automation curves is SO much fun!)
  • more FX on each track
  • a nicer GUI with the ability to use longer names (with upper and lower case letters!), colours…

do not forget the RGB leds to further improve the ergonomics (to indicate the change of mode or the states of the steps for example)

I agree with you, we don’t need a touchscreen, we don’t even need a lot bigger screen (like the one on mpc live yeks!)
just sightly bigger would be fine (with a “small” high resolution color OLED screen you can do a lot of things…e.g. the OP-1’s screen)

ha… It’s nice to dream… :smiley:

hasn’t this topic basically be done?

I personally find it doubtful Squarp would release a hardware ‘upgrade’ without significantly more changes.
I think many that would potentially upgrade would like to see more substantial changes e.g. more midi io, more cv io… and probably increased support for a patterns.

also id miss the X/Y , I actually like using it :slight_smile:
(my only wish would be to have some calibration options on it, e.g. x/y ranges)

they made a mk2 with a lot less changes than that … :wink:
on the contrary, I’m afraid rather that they just change the CPU / RAM combo (the one on Hermod is more powerful)
but honestly the screen really need an upgrade too …

I think the Pyramid design is fine as it is (for additional inputs / outputs it is better to propose an optional extension because it does not meet the needs of everyone and can significantly increase the bill (and the weight/size) … by the way it is also what Hermod is supposed to be… an extension for the Pyramid)
but I think we all agree on 2 points:
-more powerful engine
-better screen

I would also keep the touchpad personally,
and to continue speculating on little details I hope that they would stay on the black colour
I’m not a modular guy, the Hermod is white but…I don’t know…The Pyramid is so classy in black :heart_eyes:
(also all my synths are black :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Sorry, couldn’t find the other thread to post in…

I left out the touchpad because it seems to have caused some issues and it takes up a lot of space on the Pyramid. It would be cool to be able to create smooth modulation curves using the encoders.

I guess 2 OLED screens (one for each 4 encoders) will be cheaper than a long one like in my mock-up.

I 've been thinking to start up a company to make my dream sequencer (based on Elektron’s sequencers) and fund it with Kickstarter, but it will be easier if Squarp makes a mk3 and I buy it :joy:

of course, everyone will have different opinions on what warrants a new version :slight_smile:

the mk2 is not really a new model at all… its just a change in parts, a tweak really.
at its heart the software (and id guess the PCB) is identical, and that is where the real developments costs kick in.

if you have the skills do it…
these days, with things like rPI/Bela, you can easily develop things for low costs, and see how they work out, develop your ideas - then if it really works well, you have a prototype to show the world/kickstarter.
… and find out if your ‘dream sequencer’ is what others think is a dream too :slight_smile:

have you seen this, basically a guy developed his own sequencer on bela, i think starting with little experience, so if you have the time/patience its possible

The raspberry Pi is not good enough for tight, multitrack MIDI sequencing… it looks like has to be an ARM Cortex CPU. I know someone who has a lot of experience writing C code for embedded microprocessors and I know a highly skilled audio electronics tech… I’ll have to convince them to join in :slight_smile:

the Pyramid is so close to be my dream sequencer…

you’re right
we could use encoders be create perfect ramps, logarithmic and exponential curves
(and use less data points…I thought interpolations would be in v3…)

yes and you can use them independently
(but ok you could still “split” the GUI in two parts with a long screen…)

yeah, the pi is not great… partly because of the IO, but you still might be quite surprised how far it will get you, and its not a bad platform to prototype ideas on e.g. nail the workflow.

alternatively, go for a BBB+Bela, this has a RTOS on it, so can be very ‘tight’
alternatively, and pretty cheap too, is using an STM32F4 or F7 , like the Pyramid - you could look at Axoloti.
you might end up using a couple of MCU, one for the underlying sequencer, and the other to handle the controls/UI.
… as i said there are lots of options these days.

anyway, just do it, it would be a great learning experience, and I suspect you would walk away with a lot of respect for the likes of Squarp, Cirklon, Elektron and others, seeing how hard it is to get all the features users want.

My dream mk3 is the exact same except you can automate euclid parameters. Okay maybe more of an os thing but i just love the design as is!

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