Mixing time signatures in linear songs

I’m trying to program consecutive sequences in different time signatures within a play project - anyone out there managing this?

For example:

Seq 01 - 4/4 for two bars (ie eight crotchets)
Seq 02 - 7/4 for one bar (ie seven crotchets)
Seq 03 - 4/4 for two bars (ie eight crotchets)


Seq 01 - 4/4 for two bars (ie sixteen quavers)
Seq 02 - 11/8 for one bar (ie eleven quavers)
Seq 03 - 4/4 for two bars (ie sixteen quavers)

I can make a track contain a pattern the desired length/time signature & I can make a sequence using mute states that only contains tracks with similar time signatures but I can’t find a way to string them together successfully.

Surely this is possible? It might be peculiar, but surely it’s possible.

I’m really struggling to build songs despite a sound knowledge of music theory

Thanks in advance…

You’re probably being bitten by the freerun track play mode, which tends to respond to linear thinking with “creatively” out of sync tracks in seq play mode. The default freerun mode is a Pyramid specialty, but you might find relatch mode easier to work with for traditional composing.

Thanks for the response pmatilai - I had forgotten about the run modes but this doesn’t seem to have any effect on what I’m trying…

I’m talking about 4/4, then 11/8, then 4/4 again, rather than running at the same time.

If I set up track 1 to be 2 bars of 4/4 and track 2 to be 1 bar of 11/8 and mute one in one sequence and the other in another sequence, I can loop each sequence individually without a problem in perform mode. However I can’t put these two sequences next to each other in play mode…

It’s seems that 1 ‘bar’ in the play project doesn’t equal 1 actual bar of whatever time signature the track is in. It seems to only equal 4 crotchets/quarter notes… which doesn’t make sense musically to me.

“A sequence be between 1 bar and 64 bars length, or can be shorter (1/4 bar, 2/4 bar, 3/4 bar…)”

Looks like the bars are only in 4/4 and then 1/4 divisions if you click the encoder down and turn it. I have not got into the the play and chaining mode to much. I use the perform set to beat live to go threw my sequences.

Thanks Robotboot

Yes - so I imagine a bar of 7/4 has to be programmed as a whole bar of 4/4 plus three-quarters of a bar of 4/4!! Err…?

That’s bad enough, but a bar of 11/8 would therefore need to be two bars of 4/4 plus three-quarters of a bar of 4/4 at twice the tempo that I want or need for other things going on!! Er…???

That’s just not practical when you want to program a musical phrase…

I’m having a similar issue with an intro in 3/4 going into the song in 4/4. Seems like bars are not respecting the time signature. Did you ever resolve this?

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No, not really. Not sure why I was so angry before tho!

A part of this issue is tied to the “four-ness” of the Sequence window - being able to change that to a user number might mean the Pyramid would be able to count ‘bars’ differently but hey - there are hundreds of things you could add a user definiton for and it’d be a mess.

The Sequence environment definitely feels like the least developed area of the machine but I can generally get where I need to. I just ignore stuff like this now or ask the old MMT-8 to step into bat…

Just read this thread;

The last suggestion about using an empty track is approach I haven’t tried…