Midi implementation chart for HAPAX

I just got my DHL tracking info, and I’m pumped!

Is there a midi implementation chart for Hapax? The Pyramid has one but I didn’t find one in the Hapax manual.

Basically, I’d like to know if it’s possible to launch rows/sections via Midi? I like to jam live for a while — sometimes 1 minute sometimes 3-4 minutes — and move to the next section when I’m ready. But I’m playing live, so I’d like to use a foot pedal for this.


afaik, there’s no midi control.
You could send a feature request with details of your use-case

Another option would be the pedal input, but currently that’s limited to what play/record at the moment.

i also would love to see external notes triggering patterns …

Midi implementation charts aren’t only for MIDI IN, but also MIDI OUT, they enable one to know on a glance what the unit is capable of sending out or receiving.
I usually print charts of each unit I get on half a A4 page.
Granted, Hapax- and Pyramid-type sequencers can basically send almost any MIDI message, still, it’s useful to know what they can or cannot send to see if they can or cannot handle a particular gear (CC, PC, sysex, etc).


i sendet a feature request and they said it’s on the roadmap and will be implemented soon…


It would be nice if you could control step parameters using midi cc. I have a Roland FC 300 foot pedal thing that can send cc’s from the expression pedals. I would like to use it to adjust, say, note length or chord type while using both hands to do other stuff. Or use control voltage from a pedal like the Boss EV 30.

Not a big deal just thought I would mention.

@fredcat this is also of great interest to me. I’m 75% of the way to pulling the trigger on a Hapax, but would like to know if MIDI CC or some other MIDI message such as NPRN can be used to select sections of a song (called “scenes” in many software applications that keyboardists use to control their rigs). I would be happy to use a “next scene” and “previous scene” pair of messages, but would also very much like absolute control over position in the song (many products like the BeatBuddy support selecting scene X, for example).

It’s an absolute requirement for my workflow.

Is that the feature request you asked for? Were you told when to expect it to be added to the product?

this are the implementations of the pyramid sequencer, hope something like this comes to Hapax…

@fredcat thank you!

Pyramid does what I would expect in terms of a MIDI implementation.

The answer I got from Squarp support was that this is a roadmap item for Hapax, but that it’s not possible to commit to a date yet.

I would be very surprised if we wouldn’t see such a basic feature added to Hapax, especially as Pyramid has it.

sometimes i really miss my pyramid…

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My research indicates the Pyramid is an absolutely awesome product, but that the Hapax has a better workflow. I hope that the gaps in features in the new product get addressed. My impression is that Squarp is quite committed to doing that.

Hi all! New Hapax user here :))

Any news on midi implementation coming to Hapax? I’d love to mute the 16 tracks via midi - since muting tracks on my Elektron gear doesn’t mute incoming midi notes, and since muting on Hapax needs a button-combo. Would be awesome if it came to be implemented, but I didn’t find it in the manual yet, or did I miss it?


Afaik , we have had no comment that this is planned ( or not) for hapax by squarp.

If it’s something you would like send a feature request via the contact form.


Maybe I interpreted it wrong, but I was going from this:

Edit: ah I thought they said this about the topic of this thread, but I see they said it in response to something else they wrote.

I’ve filled it in as feature request now (accessing Hapax mutes via a midi controller)


Here’s a workaround to implement midi mutes using FX until they are natively supported by HAPAX:

  1. Add a Chance FX as the first effect in your chain
  2. Set the chance to 0 (i.e. so it never plays)
  3. Toggle the Chance FX off (so its disabled)
  4. Add a new row in your FX matrix linking a midi CC of your choice to FX1 - CHA ON/OFF.

Sending a 0 / 127 to this CC will toggle the chance effect on and off, effectively muting the midi channel. You may need to flip the polarity either on the HAPAX or the sending device.

This approach has limitations as it doesn’t mute currently playing notes. If you have a chord playing during the mute event, it will keep playing. It works great for single notes.

I have this set up to ‘mute’ 4 HAPAX channels from a Droid P2B8 button controller. This gives me 1-button mute and simultaneous mute/unmute. It works great!


That’s a great tip! Will try it out, thanks for sharing.

I’m actually accustomed to my Elektrons that also don’t mute running notes, so that’s not an issue for me. Cheers!

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I mute tracks externally, I simpy put a Filter FX in then turn it on and off via MIDI.

Its good because you can mute CC as well, also allow ranges of notes/CC thru.

You can also reverse the action of the filter by making the low higher than the high.

However, it uses a precious Matrix slot!

I’d dearly love to have both MIDI control of mutes and especially more Matrix slots.


How do you control an FX like the filter or setting Chance to zero via (a) midi (controller)?