Midi implementation chart for HAPAX

Ah I guess it’s this trick :sweat_smile:

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I would love to see midi CCs - one thing I think is always lost on all hardware gear is MIDI CCs for more function/menu/sequence based stuff, rather than just CCs that replicate parameters already available in the box.
For example - imagine if you could set loop points by ccs and enable/disable loop.
The reason I’m so interested in this is not just for live control by hand, but also for the possibilities it entails - eg, using my midihub or octatrack midi LFOs to alter interesting things. Kind of meta-level control.


Add me to the list. Right now I’m using hapax with my iPad and AUM. The things I want to do, like mapping the hapax track buttons to aum so on each track button press it triggers aum to open up that tracks instrument, won’t work because hapax doesn’t support it. It’s really unfortunate for such an expensive sequencer to not support midi implementation that my $50 midi controller does.

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I would also like to control the HAPAX remotely via MIDI.

Usually, in my setup, the DAW is the master of the arrangement and triggers the patterns in the hardware sequencers (Analog Rytm, MC-707).
It would be great to be able to integrate the HAPAX in the same way.

Is there any chance that this could become possible in 2024?


id love this as well

Not out of the question, but not planned for the near future


Wow, I’d really like this worked ASAP - having a way to control the HAPAX with MIDI CC should be a given. My whole reason for picking up the HAPAX was wanting to use it for MIDI looping with a live setup, but I need a way to use multiple foot switches to make many of the changes since my fingers are playing real keyboards most of the time. I guess my only alternative is to switch over to Ableton Live with Push, but getting MIDI control on HAPAX would be a much better alternative, and a product capability Squarp could feature. The current single-function foot switch input is so limiting. Thanks for your consideration!


Squarp - please add this!!!