Midi fighter w/ pyramid

A little OT but planning to add some controllers to my setup. I recently got the Launchpad X and I’m not really that fond of it as it’s very limited as a controller assigning CC messages.

Iv been looking at Midi Fighter Twister and some of the Faderfox units. How do you find you Twister ? Is it a good controller for the Pyramid ?

Thank you!

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I imagine the Faderfox devices are quite competent… They look quite sturdy and would probably be a fine complement to any set up.

But for my money I have never regretted buying either of my Midi Fighters. Both of them are very sturdy and have survived living on the streets with me for several months. The twister is recommended by Ill Gates as indispensable.

To say that it’s a good controller for the pyramid is an understatement. Yes, they get along quite well. If you got one it would be the bestest of friends with all your devices… By default it set up to work with CCs so there is plenty of options to go with there…

Another great thing about the twister is that it has RGB LEDs for all 16 encoders… Also, a thing that the faderfoxes do not have which might be a good pair with pyramid is the 4 part rhythm sequencer. One of these days I will probably take an afternoon to see if pairing it with the live record mode of the pyramid would work well, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t… It just sends notes out to its channel… I’m pretty sure what is playing on the sequencer could be recorded… and this is also an understatement… the sequencer is quite performative… which is all I’m going to say about that… because a bit of it is wrapped up in my art.

To put a fine point on it… I would recommend getting a midi fighter twister as a first purchase for anybody getting in to music production.

Whatever I’ve said here… there is more to be said… there are new performance settings for the encoders that I haven’t even explored…

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Thank you! The twister sounds like a perfect addition! Will order one, seems Thomann only has the white version on their website for some reason, will contact them and see if they can order the black one, otherwise ill live with the white… which will turn beige/grey over time… :slight_smile:

I just set up the launchpad X for track selection and solo/mute tracks which is nice when you work in live mode and patterns. Works quite well.

Regarding setting up the Twister (and other controllers), I could not really find many CC messages for the pyramid to control different parameters.

How do you set up the Twister, is there a midi learn or how do you map it ?

Thank you!

There is a Midi Fighter utility which you can download that works for all midi fighter products. You run it while one midi fighter is plugged in and from there you can change the colors and outputs and inputs.

Currently there are more possible controls on the twister than possible things to control within pyramid yes… However you can just decide to set any encoder to whatever channel/CC or channel/note combination you wish… In that way you may be able to control physical hardware controlled by CC, your DAW if you use one, and pyramid effects all at the same time depending on what else you have available… this is eventually why I am going to pick up a Bomebox… because the midi fighters can control pretty much everything.

If possible you might go directly through DJ techtools store… that’s where I purchased both of mine.


PyraMIDI looks bleak indeed, however you can ASSIGN arbitrary exteral CC to FX parameters and such:

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Thank you!

Yes, the software looks great in comparison to others I’ve used as the companion for novation.

Their store is outside EU which makes it more of hassle, with Thomann I get a VAT-free invoice as well. :slight_smile:

Thank you! That’s really helpful!