Controlling Pyramid FX via MIDI CC: A Reference Guide

Okay, I do a lot (a LOT) of modulating Pyramid FX via MIDI CC’s from external sources, namely a button controller with some serious MTPro/BomeBox translation, and also using external sequencers (OctaTrack!).

I made this reference.
Just made it all ‘pretty’ for my studio documentation and thought I’d share in case you are so inclined to a similar workflow.

Note: There may be errors. I find them here & there. I’d appreciate it if you use this and run across an issue that you’d let me know if you find any further errors. Thanks!

I have to make a few cosmetic updates to it, but not sure when I’ll get around to that. Data is still pretty good.


Nice! Very handy to have, thanks for making and sharing :slight_smile:

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cool stuff @CreepyPants, thanks for sharing … looks like a lot of work :slight_smile:

Necessary work for me: im plocking the MIDI side of OT patterns to control cyclic modulation of Pyramid MIDI FX.

Hardest part was making it all purty, but luckily the spouse is a whiz at that.

Ulterior motive: help twist a few more Squarpiots into this rabbit to share techniques. :wink:


You can also do interesting things with a MIDI loopback channel, and have the Pyramid’s own LFO modulate other MidiFX parameters

That would be an excellent subject to share with others!

it would be really useful if the CC number was included somewhere in the headers above the values.


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I’ll admit that was my first thought too, but these are not for PyraMIDI use, in fact you’ll probably want it disabled for this.

The idea here is to ASSIGN incoming CC’s of your choice to whatever FX parameter controls you need. The values here explain how the FX parameters respond to the value associated with a CC message, but creating the CC number - FX parameter mapping is up to you entirely.

See this thread for some background and instructions.

Edits: link added, typo fixes


Sharing knowledge on the internet…what a wonderful life this could be.

Thank you @CreepyPants


it would be really useful if the CC number was included somewhere in the headers above the values.

I’ll admit that was my first thought too, but these are not for PyraMIDI use, in fact you’ll probably want it disabled for this.

Heh, this was my first thought as well - “ok, so these are the values, but what CC are we talking about here?”. But I quickly realized exactly what you stated, that the CC number for controlling FX is freely assigned by the user.

For my general usage, many of these are just continuous values that don’t benefit a whole lot from complete mapping tables - things like Gate, Gain, Dry/Wet, Velocity%, Random%. Caring about precise values for some settings is almost like endeavoring to add an exact number of grains of salt to a recipe when you could just season to taste. (Perhaps this argument could be made about many of the things for which I do strive for high precision though, so I totally appreciate the attention to detail).

But some other tables here are, without question, extremely useful - e.g. Arpeggiator Style, EQ Base Note, BPM, all the Scale values, etc.

Thanks for this! It does make me wonder how labor intensive these tables were to compile.


THANK YOU @CreepyPants! Nice work.

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I err’d on the side of completeness because: OCD.

Getting the data is easy, actually.
Making it purty took 3x as much time. LOL

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Many thanks, because I currently to control pyramid via Lemur (iPad app).

Ive stared longingly at Lemur for years.
I have no iPad, and although it’s available for Android, i experience way too much latency and dont feel like learning a new system just to do something i can do with hardware…when i can afford the hardware. LOL (always seems to be one more piece i need)

But wich CC ? i know about CC 69 for Seq Select. But the Rest ?

This is not PyraMIDI.

Any MIDI Fx parameter will respond to the CC of your choice, selected via the Assign procedure. These are the values and what effect they have on the infividual MIDI Fx parameters.

Note: btw, an incoming CC can only be linked to one parameter on one track. I wanted to do something like CC 0x30 modulated Scale Type and have it affect all tracks that have the Scaler Effect, but alas: no go.

The pdf is no longer available at the original location and looks like I don’t have a copy anywhere :cry:

Any chance to make it available again someplace?

I did some ‘cleaning’ on that domain and thought I had it linked on a different one.
It’s back. :wink:

I guess I should find a more permanent solution, but HEY EVERYONE: Download it now, just in case I do a brain fart again. :slight_smile:

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Awesome, thanks! Downloaded and double-backuped now :slight_smile:

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