Live looper / metronome countdown question

Setup: In Settings → Misc, I set rec countdown to 2 BAR, metronome ch to MIDI CH10A (my drum synth), and metronome note to D4 (which plays a little snare sound.)

I have the sequencer set to “multi-mode” and the live looper turned on with a default minimum 1 BAR loop.

Question: Let’s say I want to record a loop on midi channel 1 to track 01A and then record a different on midi channel 2 to track 02A and I want to do this in a live performance setting where I don’t want my audience to hear metronome clicks (except maybe at the very beginning of a song.) I set track 01A as the current track on the Pyramid, arm record, and then press play. I hear a 2-bar countdown from my drum synth, and then begin recording a loop. So far so good.

Once I have that loop going, I set 02A as the current track on the Pyramid, and while track 01A is playing/looping, I press record to start recording a different loop on track 02A. Sometimes this works as expected, but sometimes it gives me a countdown, and I cannot figure out why. I only want a countdown before the initial loop. It’s confusing when there is an unexpected countdown on the 2nd loop; I sometimes start playing immediately becuase I’m not expecting a countdown and then loop begins halfway into my performance. I also just don’t want the audience to experience this.

Any suggestions? What am I missing?

The empty track gives countdown - put there any note in step mode (if I remember correctly)

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Mmm…you’re saying I can hack it by putting an imperceptibly quiet note in the step mode (like something at velocity = 1?) But wouldn’t that then fix the length of the track, making the live looper no longer useable?

Maybe, I just need to get an acoustic metronome, haha.


Turn down or mute the volume of metronome drum before the other recording, you don’t need it if the rhythm is already there on first track, do you?

Track length wouldn’t matter to me, you can adjust while performing .

I’d use an fs6 pedal with trs cable so you’d be able to turn record on off any second