Just received my Pyramid!

Kind of mind-boggling what in this box and all the possibilities it opens up!

Using the Pyramid as Master now gives me 48 channels over 3 ports, I mean that’s freaking awesome!

Together with the mioXL I now have full control over my MIDI routing.

I can’t wait to explore this awesome device!

I’m sure there will be plenty of questions eve after digging thru manuals and videos. :slight_smile:


Just received mine today as well. Looks great and now must spend time learning how to use it.


Yeah lot to learn, but I find it quite easy, to be honest, i haven’t really read the manual yet but still seem to find my way to the basic function. Of course only scratching the surface, but the workflow and UI is quite easy to pick up.

A big reason might of course be that I enjoy learning it, it’s almost 03:30 am and I 'v been sitting and noodling for hours! :rofl:

Enjoy your Pyramid!

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I had about a week of hardware anxiety about whether I would take to the workflow of the pyramid but after that initial worry I have been so completely in love with this box of joy.

The sheer amount of power in this device is absurd. I was watching a video by another user who was talking about using the banks and I’m like… Wow… I feel privileged to be using a single bank… I literally cannot think of anything I could do beyond the 1 bank I do use… It’s like an excess of possibility… Which is where the excess in a device like this should be.


For me who is a photographer by trade and just started dabbling into electronic music, with no musical background or knowledge what so ever (started plonking on a piano a month ago…) i should be worried.

Then again I’m challenged by technical things in general and i guess that’s a part of why the Pyramid caught my attention in the first place.

I only had it since Monday and first 1 hour was kind of overwhelming until i got the hang of the basic navigation. After that i feel like I’m exploring and for someone like me who is so new to music in general but also controlling gear Pyramid really helps me by being the brain the setup, allowing me to focus on one device instead of multiple that i would need to setup to play nice together.

I hear you when it comes to banks, for me it’s also such a luxury with all the midi channels and tracks, in the end I’m inspired by the possibilities the Pyramid gives me.

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I’ve been producing on computers for about 20 years but this is the first really serious piece of hardware I’ve ever bought. even with just vsts and daw plugins there is an absurd amount of things you can do.
It just feels like the instrument I’ve always wanted because it interacts so well with all of the other things I have which are basically just midi controllers.

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Just a friendly piece of advice: do yourself a favor and go read that manual now, seriously. There are devices on the market where most of the functionality is discoverable via menus etc but that’s not the case with Pyramid really. There are mountains of things that you’ll never discover by just doodling around. The often repeated mantra on this forum is that the manual is terse and dense with information, you’ll need to re-read it time and time again and you’ll still find something new on each read. Still happens to me after three years.


Thanx! Yeah i read the manual before receiving it after watching som videos. But I will make sure to go thru it a couple of times for sure!

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Yup, the way it goes is you first read it and miss a lot of stuff because it just doesn’t relate. After you’ve used the device some more, things start clicking into place and the next read consists of many “oh that thing” moments, and you can expect this cycle to repeat for quite some time. :smile:

There really is amazing depth in this tiny device.