Those little gems

As noted here on the forum several times, the Pyramid manual is both terse and dense with information and it pays to re-read it multiple times. Just the other week I realized my printout of the manual is for PyraOS v2.3, so there’s a lot of goodies that I’ll be missing on my next scheduled re-read. So off to print and read the v3.2 manual.

Every re-read has paid off with one revelation or another, but this time I really hit the pay dirt. Hiding in plain sight in the “quick step edits” section of step-mode docs was this little bit:

● Press < or > to move horizontally the selection

The times I’ve used copy-paste-delete to move that one pesky note to another step, thinking “this is klunky but oh well.” :see_no_evil: I had to double-check the v2.3 manual and yup, it’s there alright, just somehow managed to miss it on all the half-a-dozen or so reads of the manual so far. Oh well. :joy:

Anyway, that was my manual re-re-re-reread :gem: of the week, feel free to share yours.


ugh. hope to re-read it a couple of times during the quarantine.

oh, there are so many…

the manual is really quite dense, and so I found I tend to only remember the ones i use… these then feel ‘obvious’, and others I forget until I go check them again.

my favourite is one the newer ones
Track + Length + > , to duplicate/double track length.

I also have a habit of forgetting to use the note transposition shortcuts (discussed under piano roll in manual)

oh, and I sometimes forget (even though printed on unit!) hard record…

but favourite feature of all (again relatively ‘new’) is consolidate, this is so useful. I use it all the time for things like quantizing,

and of course, the various selection modes used with delete, transpose, copy n’ paste really are workflow wonders.


Purely self serving - i keep forgetting this one and have to look it up constantly.

I figure if i respond and quote, then Im more likely to remember this one.


Good thread: i need to go step by step thru the manual again trying EVERY thing just to remind myself of the things i forget to use


coooool stuff. i’m a super beginner with Pyramid, but already use the double/copy across shortcut and move note shortcut alllll the time.

i love the Rotate feature. any sequencer that doesn’t have it is… sort of useless imo? it’s just such a necessary feature to have.

curious - when you speak of Re-Reading The Manual, do you mean the official one? or the Unofficial version?

seems like this is usually the most up to date one -

it’s got tons of awesome information, but is there a more “normal” PDF style manual available?

thanks for the tips! MOAR PLEASE.

The (official) pdf-version is available at that same link, top of the page. Look for “PDF Usr Guide 3.2” :wink: Haven’t looked at the unofficial one.

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wellllll DURP. lol. thanks!

Yes. :wink:

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what i rediscovered today:

Pyramid is too much treated as sequencer, so underestimated as MIDI controller and input device.

for instance, it’s very easy to recreate Korg Kaossilator functionality with Pyramid’s XY pad, and even exceed it, since XY pad output can be further processed with MIDI effects.

p.s. and at last, i have a use case of loopback technology! (Pyramid USB output —> additional processing with Axoloti —> Pyramid USB input.)


Yes! That little nugget was all I needed to remind me that quantize wasn’t the only tool available to get synth lines starting from the first beat!

It’s the biggest learning curve I’ve ever had for a piece of hardware but so far it has been the most rewarding learning experience I’ve had with a complex piece of music equipment.