Those little gems

As noted here on the forum several times, the Pyramid manual is both terse and dense with information and it pays to re-read it multiple times. Just the other week I realized my printout of the manual is for PyraOS v2.3, so there’s a lot of goodies that I’ll be missing on my next scheduled re-read. So off to print and read the v3.2 manual.

Every re-read has paid off with one revelation or another, but this time I really hit the pay dirt. Hiding in plain sight in the “quick step edits” section of step-mode docs was this little bit:

● Press < or > to move horizontally the selection

The times I’ve used copy-paste-delete to move that one pesky note to another step, thinking “this is klunky but oh well.” :see_no_evil: I had to double-check the v2.3 manual and yup, it’s there alright, just somehow managed to miss it on all the half-a-dozen or so reads of the manual so far. Oh well. :joy:

Anyway, that was my manual re-re-re-reread :gem: of the week, feel free to share yours.


ugh. hope to re-read it a couple of times during the quarantine.

oh, there are so many…

the manual is really quite dense, and so I found I tend to only remember the ones i use… these then feel ‘obvious’, and others I forget until I go check them again.

my favourite is one the newer ones
Track + Length + > , to duplicate/double track length.

I also have a habit of forgetting to use the note transposition shortcuts (discussed under piano roll in manual)

oh, and I sometimes forget (even though printed on unit!) hard record…

but favourite feature of all (again relatively ‘new’) is consolidate, this is so useful. I use it all the time for things like quantizing,

and of course, the various selection modes used with delete, transpose, copy n’ paste really are workflow wonders.

Purely self serving - i keep forgetting this one and have to look it up constantly.

I figure if i respond and quote, then Im more likely to remember this one.


Good thread: i need to go step by step thru the manual again trying EVERY thing just to remind myself of the things i forget to use

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coooool stuff. i’m a super beginner with Pyramid, but already use the double/copy across shortcut and move note shortcut alllll the time.

i love the Rotate feature. any sequencer that doesn’t have it is… sort of useless imo? it’s just such a necessary feature to have.

curious - when you speak of Re-Reading The Manual, do you mean the official one? or the Unofficial version?

seems like this is usually the most up to date one -

it’s got tons of awesome information, but is there a more “normal” PDF style manual available?

thanks for the tips! MOAR PLEASE.

The (official) pdf-version is available at that same link, top of the page. Look for “PDF Usr Guide 3.2” :wink: Haven’t looked at the unofficial one.

wellllll DURP. lol. thanks!

Yes. :wink: