Interesting pairings - what are you using?

I was using MPC One with Hapax, but had lots of midi gremlins - MPC’s don’t like to be controlled, was my final conclusion. I sold the MPC and ended up using my iPad with Loopy Pro and some Novation controllers instead. I appreciate they are apples and oranges, but I only used the Loopy Pro type functionality with MPC and I find LP to be much faster to use.

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Yeah its pretty bad the condition of midi on MPC im going to wait it out, i do think it will get fixed.
Its like its all on one midi channel at moment, sounds and notes getting cut off.
might focus on making some key groups multi samples from my synths in mean time

Ive tried the ipad thing but couldn’t get into it maybe because mine is an older generation and i find it much easier just use a computer

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Yeah, that’s the same issues I had. Hope they sort that. I hear they’re releasing 3 new models imminently, so perhaps you might get your firmware upgrade then :slight_smile:

I’m using an iPad Pro M1 - you can literally throw anything at it and it barley breaks a sweat.

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you can map key ranges and transpose plugins/keygroups to get around the MIDI note overlap bug. not ideal but it shouldn’t be a total dealbreaker for sequencing multiple MPC programs from Hapax


Bit of a pain to do each time, but will give that a go for now thanks :+1:

so far i have paired hapax with 2 volca samples running pajen hack. i have also paired it with my x86 eurorack module that i run stuff like phaseplant in reaper and bitwig etc. this is what i bought hapax for mainly. but also hardware like opsix, shruthi, my modular system, or my rack samplers. i love the volca samples because nobody is expecting them lol

So far I’m using Hapax to sequence my Access Virus TI2, Oberheim OB X8 and Moog Sub 37. It works well and I’m just scratching the surface. It’s great to sequence drums, bass, and pads easily while allowing me play chord stabs with beats as the backing track.

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I’m a bit proud of myself.

Managed to get my modular rack’s Metropolix 2-track sequencer to control the rack’s oscillators (via cv) as well as a moog Matriarch (via cv) and the Hydra Deluxe (using midi out to Hapax which then controlled the Hydra’s upper and lower parts).

Next up?
Figure out how to set up Metropolix’s slide function as enabled by the per track configurable CC that gets passed along, and how to shepherd it through the Hapax and into Hydra upper and lower parts.
Still pretty basic and sans any percussion (at least a dozen times while listening later on I was like “drums go there”)

What’s this thing? Does this just have an x86 processor and lets you load up Linux/Windows with a touchscreen? Where do you get this and is there one with inputs as well as outputs for running effects?

its just an x86 computer module. all i/o is present on the front panel with the option for rear connections for some of them. you use usb peripherals since they are widely available. i make them for whoever wants them or you can make one yourself. the screen is too small for touch control but you can hook it up if you want to. for practical use you would plug in your hdmi monitor to the forward facing plug. add an exhaust fan module for better cooling if youll be in a warm space. dm me if youre interested in more details.