Interesting pairings - what are you using?

As people start to get their Hapax, I wonder what combinations you will use with it?

Of course, it’s suited to big setups, but equally I’ve had fun with it on smaller setups.
Obviously multi timbral is likely winner.

Yesterday, I dragged out my old Spectralis , and wow, what a fun combo … breaths new life into it.

I’ve also used with my virus TI, buts that’s not so easy as photo opportunity :wink:

What’s your ‘light’ pairings?

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I was thinking about how few synths these days seem to be multitimbral. Back in the 2000s it seemed almost everything was at least duo-timbral (bi-timbral?) and then when the analogue resurgence that all went away. However, now digital synths are back as a thing (and quite right too) there seems to be very few that offer true multitimbrality… but this is off topic.

In my own setup the obvious candidate would be my trusty Nord Modular G2. The possibilities of these two seem almost endless.


yeah, as you say the fashion of analog basically moved away from multi-timbral…

thats the nice thing about the Spectralis - its a mix of samples/digital, and also an analog synth,
so you can 11 percussive tracks, 3 poly digital, 1 mono (3 osc) analog :slight_smile:
whats fun is with the Hapax, I basically have tracks 1/2 as drum tracks, then 3-6 for its 6 synths… so still have 10 tracks free… which is kind of crazy really for hardware!

yeah, g2 modular will be fun (I like the SSP for this) as modular is great for multi-timbral.

I’ve never seen the Spectralis before. Is it a groovebox, then? How old is it?

My first bit of gear I ever bought was the Electribe SX, and I still love that thing so much. Thinking of using the Hapax drum sequencer with that, as although the internal sequencer is solid, it doesn’t do fills or anything, which I’ve always felt was a limitation. Although the downside is that the ESX has 9 drum parts, and the Hapax drum track only has 8, but that’s not the end of the world.

first came out (this mk1) in 2004 !
its quite a strange beast, with a kind of modular heart… with a powerful sequencer. perhaps attempted to do a bit too much… the analog synth has something like 23 pages of parameters… but with various weird shortcuts to many of the pages.
Kind of a bit like the Octatrack, you love or hate it!

But in this configuration its really fun…
Let hapax do all the note sequencing, then lots of hands on sound design on the Spectralis.
and you can also use the sequencer on the Spectralis for sound modulation etc (Ive clocked it from Hapax)
I guess … a bit like using something like Digitakt + Digitone, but in one (large/heavy) box !

now a few more have their hapax (yay!) ,
giving this a little bump to see how you are all using it :slight_smile:

for me… this week, ive moved the hapax to my ‘main hub’, so it can talk to everything.

but honestly the last two nights,
It’s pretty much been a Hapax/Virus TI love fest :heart_eyes:

thats back to where I started with Squarp, I bought my Pyramid years ago to get more out of the Virus!.


I’m in the June batch, but one particular combo I’m interested in is Hapax and FX boxes with MIDI, like the Analog Heat or various Strymon pedals for example. On paper, Hapax seems like a great way to control those external FX.

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The automation is properly next level compared to Pyramid, or even drawing stuff in your DAW. It’s one of the best bits of Hapax.

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Lets go Virus TI! I swapped out my MidiBox Sequencer for the Hapax in my setup. So I run Ableton into Usamo into the Hapax, from there Hapax to Virus TI, S5000, TR-8s and Eurorack setup. Knock on wood so far the timing of everything is so so good.

The Hapax with the TI is just fantastic as it is with any poly I’m sure.


I’ve been using it the last few days with the following:

  • JV-1010 - its the first time I’ve actually used this little synth multi-timbrally. I love the (slightly naff sounding) drum kits on it. The generator algo is so much fun on drum tracks, can’t wait to see if there are more algos added in future releases. Annoyingly most of the parameters are controlled by sysex but I know there are a few CCs I can start to automate.

  • Nord drum 2 - using each of the 6 drum voices as a separate pitched tracks rather than combined in a drum track. I really like the way euclidian is a midi effect now, can get a lot out of this little drum synth very quickly!

Hoping to play around with the Disting EX and the rest of my euro bits this weekend. Very much looking forward to getting some definition files in a future update to make intuitive access to all the disting paramenters from Hapax nice and easy.


Roland MC-707:

8 tracks with a great synth engine and drums, sample playback etc.
It has lots of faders and knobs for live tweaking of the sounds/mixing etc.

The only thing that sucks is its sequencer! It is really cumbersome to input notes. It allows for realtime recording, but it is a PITA to edit the recorded notes…

So the Hapax is a perfect companion!


For me, at least for now, clearly this:


  • plugin instruments + plugin FX (mostly Piano based)
  • loaded in my plugin Host, using GigPerformer
  • creating patches, having their “tonal weight” way more on the FX side of the things,
    or then plain Piano, alone. Yet, all my patches are both with the turn of a knob or two


  • Hapax mostly, meant, being kind of a quick looper for my keyboard-playing.
    so, mostly meant to record my realtime hand playing.
  • turning my hands free to have both hands to manually “wiggle” my FX. Testing things out, have fun.
  • but: i might setup specific patches in my VST Host, with the goal, to be sequenzed from the Hapax ( personally, not working with DAWs )
    Noise engineerings BIA, now available as a plugin is for example a candidate here.
    4x BIA, sequenzed by hapax ? must be fun…especially with some VST-FX afterwards

Mark, open a own picture thread ?

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I’ve got it acting as the central brain / clock for my full setup, which currently includes:

Iridium (also brand new to my setup, so still getting familiar with it)
Micromonsta 2
Vector Synth
Roland TR-6s

I’m still debating on whether I should keep my LPP3 to use as a controller. Probably will for now, though I’m using the Hapax for note entry just as much as the LPP.

The DT is handling drum sequencing, just getting clock and transport from the Hapax.

The interplay between the Vector’s sequencer and the Hapax can create some interesting variability. Haven’t really dug into doing similar things with the Typhon and the Iridium, though I anticipate doing so in time.

Having a lot of fun using the math module to create shorter patterns that have a high level of note variability (both in tone and rhythm). It’s like the A4 sequencer, but with an additional dimension added.

Haven’t done a whole lot with automation or effects yet, trying to focus on learning individual elements more deeply with this box. I think for the Typhon it’ll be a case where I use it’s internal sequencer and then have the Hapax transpose it so that I can make good use of the step modulators. For the Iridium (and to a lesser extent, Peak, I’m foreseeing some immense possibilities for evolving tones by using Midi fx and automations.

I also have a JD-08 that’s not currently hooked in, and am waiting on my JX-08 to return from Roland. Not sure how much I’ll use the Hapax’s sequencer for them vs. their internal ones.

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I’m currently running the following;

  • Summit - Bitimbral
  • Roland A-90 - 4 part multitrimbral piano rompler.
  • Modular
  • Drumbrute Impact.

I also have a Nova in the cupboard to get out. It’s a 6 part multitrimbral techno cheese monster.


I’d love someone who has some cartooning skills to draw a ‘techno cheese monster’…

Periodically, I want a Nova. I had a supernova about 20 years ago and really liked it.

My Hapax is currently controlling this:

For the first time since I started this journey, I have something that truly is the brains of my setup! Love it so much! :smile_cat:


Although im june batch for my Hapax i will be using mine with the following:

Novation MiniNova
Waldorf Blofeld
Waldorf Streichfett
Arturia Microfreak
Volca FM
Volca Keys
Behringer RD8
Behringer TD3
Novation Circuit

i have 2 Circuits but will sell one to fund a new synth, just not sure what yet.

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Lots of cool prints there. Very nice.

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A bit of a jam from last night (also, there is a brief Very Loud moment, so maybe don’t crank this one too much:

Paired with:

  • my Kosmo modular
  • some Eurorack drum stuff,
  • Korg MS-10
  • Minilogue XD
  • Drumbrute Impact
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Liven 8bit Warps
Futureretro SX

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